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  •  I actually did pistoleer and bounty hunter, and it was useful, but u need to put more in pistoleer to make it useful for sure.  I was never creature handler myself, the dev's screwed around w/ it too much, one day u could have 3 rancors, the next u…
  • its not that hard, sites similar to newegg.com sell comp parts pretty cheap, so just buy the parts and put it together, its like legos, of course its hard to get a good pc for 400, but for just like 200 more bucks u can get so much more out of it, a…
  • why would u want to spend all that money for a console, when u can spend that same amount for a computer(and u don't have to waste money on a controller)  and a computer can write ur hw, browse the internet easily, and can balance ur checkbook, and …
  • mmo's on 360 will probably suck, just because crafting will be a pain, and combat would be too.  unless its a mmofps
  • the minion system reminds me of guild wars hero systems which works really really well.  Hopefully Gods and Heroes will have a hero battles thing like in guild wars too w/ an ELO rating system!
  • You should check out the forums in the SWG thing on this site, and check out the topics in Veterans refuge.  Some topics are just people ranting, but others have some pretty good debates going.  But the basics is that Sony Online Entertainment put a…
  • yea precu crafting for swg was the bomb, i've never seen anything like it
  • is this game going to have the first month free type of thing? like most mmo's do now?  or is the first month not inlcuded in the game box price?
  • think about trying gods and heroes, when it comes out...if it ever does
    in SWG vs WOW Comment by eshi February 2007
  • gasp! i aint given my drivers license to anyone!
  • wow, i can't believe this post is about age, i've been playing mmo's since i was 12, and i know i wasn't annoying, people thought i was in college sometimes, it was funny.  AFK is what everyone does, it doesn't matter what age, the only thing that c…
  • i'll throw in a point about how finishing moves look awsome.  I can see how it would be weird to see a person stabbed through the gut and then get back up and fight, but if you think about the context of the game it makes sense, i mean you are bless…
  • no thats not true, games like SWG(pre-suck) will start coming out, we just have to wait for the gaming industry to catch up to it.  If another developer did what SOE did they would fail, the tech just isn't up to par to give a non-bugged balanced ga…
  • yea, i would have to say that SWG has a TON less players than they did their first year, and before pre-suck, but after the suckage came people who loved the release version quit, i know i did along with all my friends.  So to say that servers are s…
  • o i can't wait to duel you, let me get my spaming hand out, or maybe we can play a real strat game like AOEIII !!!.  But seriously, WoW PVP isn't completely without strategy, its just that alot of people who are new to MMO's have no idea the capabil…
  • i would actually say that most kids playing are probably 14-40.  and i'm completely serious i'm 16, and i know about a 100 kids personally who play, WoW appeals to alot of younger gamers.  I on the other hand played, but was dissapointed, i like pve…
  • " Its got a full world to explore that isnt cutoff by having to finish a quest/leveling to gain access." this is a lie, theres no point in exploring WoW, lets look at SWG: 7 fully explorable worlds, where you were rewarded for exploring far out p…