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  • Who knows, honestly. News coming from crowdfunded MMOs really depress me. The ones that seem to be on course are ones I'm not interested in, and the ones I might be interested in are all in flux.
  • Mine made a little lightning bolt!
  • If you're looking for a challenge, go mess around in dungeons. Between bad players and the ones who refuse to cc, healing has been so much more fun and varied other than "go feral affinity and use regens between each crowd". The solo experience als…
  • StaalBurgher said: Not sure what you lot are on about. I am just putting the numbers out there. Not claiming it is enough, will last etc etc. They say they can continue at current funding rate. Current funding rate is $100k per month. It certa…
  • How many times are you going to try to label people you don't like? Every other thread of yours I see is trying to be exclusive to others. First it was fashion players, then it was first gen, now it's the "fast, don't have time to play". Did you e…
  • Albatroes said: To each their own. After getting 20+ toons to 110, last thing I want to do is get more to cap slower. I understand completely where you're coming from, but most of my fun derives from leveling, so this is just great for …
  • Well, before all the arguing begins, it is nice to see that they understand their limitations and downsized to stay afloat. That thing about the crowdfunding is a bit saddening though, I'd hate to see another Shroud of the Avatar, or worse, an SC bu…
  • 4507 said: I always wanted to try one of these, but finding three other people who like chess irl was more difficult than I thought.
    in Chess MMO? Comment by BLNX January 2018
  • I did say Path of Exile. That game is more than qualified to be an MMO and has a more rigorous permadeath policy.
  • Shana77 said: DMKano said: OP - play games where people talk - lots of guild centric games where people talk a lot. The games with super active server chat are still alive and kicking. This is not what I mean at all. Seems very…
  • dadazar said: we need bold new concepts in the gaming landscape, permadeath can add a lot to how a game is played - not at last meaning to the life in game. i love it and would actualy welcome a not easy to get there but then final death. tho h…
  • Nintendo is exactly how old I thought it was, since I've seen plenty or articles and videos with these factoids.
  • Can someone give me a short dirty version of the off-site client? I did a quick skim through since I'll be on/off busy today, and they make it sound like they have a workable game but now no longer have a workable infrastructure for it? They mentio…
  • WoeToTheVanquished said: BananaSoup said: WoeToTheVanquished said: mr1602 said: WoeToTheVanquished said: but he has a right to be angry about buying into a project when the company hasn't delivered the game -…
  • delete5230 said: Kyleran said: delete5230 said: Gorwe said: So...now I'm an MMO fashionista. Lovely, just lovely. It depends on your history.  Do you like to play in playground games ?   ESO, FF14, GW2, BDO if so yes. I'm curious, what …
  • Casino dice are more accurate and have much better longevity, but in all honesty most dice are random enough for a friendly game. Most people don't have to worry about odds in a certain favor that slight, and you'd likely never notice unless the dic…
  • anemo said: Right now I have an AD for Star Stable...   It's not even properly cropped, so the bottom halve of Stable is missing. Kind of wish I knew what I browsed to be a target, or if they're just targeting a very wide net. Do you like…
  • TheScavenger said: They have made oldschool MMOs. No one played them. The biggest example is Vanguard. Even when it got fixed, barely anyone played it. Has nothing to do with launch.  There were huge campaigns on various sites and forums (incl…
  • It's good to see another thread hijacked by @SEANMCAD