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  •         i would like a key please
  • You can add my name to that list of people looking for that game, if you find it let me know.
  • I played AoC to level 80 twice on pvp servers, calling the player base a quote "Neanderthal Player Base" is the understatement of the year......I think your review was spot on, and the anti-reviewers posting here are the perfect example of the menta…
  •  Interesting post, I happen to be playing both lotro and vanguard too, yet I'm not quite happy with either or both.  I'm have no idea what to play next, I do like both pve and pvp though. I really liked EQ1, but hated EQ2, allthough it's prolly chan…
  •   Wow, alot of you people are so silly...."I'm not going to buy this game cause SoE is involved...etc etc.." do any of you REALLY think that your decision to not buy this product is going to have ANY impact on a multi-billion dollar company as Sony?…
  • Maybe the post should read "I sure wish they would stop making MMO's like *insert game here"  and in reply to my reply, I think U missed my point, what does new races really add to a game like WoW? anything other then new cartoon? or maybe to a h…
  • Originally posted by imortal986 ok I love to rail on WoW, but I admit that WoW has achieve a level of success in the popular world that some MMO producers wish for.  WoW does appeal to the more mindless-grinding type, but maybe thats what people n…
  •  SoE and Vanguard eh heh, well it will be one less form to fill out, since I allready have an SoE account.  Don't really care who publishes the game, after all I didn't stop reading Steven King when he changed publishers.
  • I don't play any mmorpg's atm,   my wife still plays EQ2. I'm waiting for a game that is challenge...for all the crap EQ1 gets on theses boards at least it was hardcore, ya hada think at that game. I didn't mind looking up quests at fansites, was …
  •   The worst mmo's eh, hrmmm....Well I gotta say everything by NCsoft and DnD online.  Let me Start with Linage2, good looking game actually, I had high hopes for this game, it was my 1st pvp game, but after running into countless numbers of Adena …
  •  1. Vanguard:  EQ1.5 perhaps?  It seems to be the most challanging title in the works. I want a hardcore game, w/ high death penaltty n corpse runs. Bring it!  2. Lord of the Rings online: Hope it's not as lame as other NCSoft crap.  3. Pirates …