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Hurry up AoC :D


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  •   Originally posted by Xeratix It depends. Most lvl 70 Paladins have an Armer that reduces Physical damage by 51%!!! its alot but then again how much damage does a Paladin do.....it evens out. Warriors a a bit less than Paladins but…
    in rouge damage? Comment by Hajen May 2007
  • The combat system was the first thing that got me interested in this game. After that i have discovered a lot of other things that i like about the game. Atm i am reading "The hour of the dragon", since i want to know something about the lore to, be…
  • just to get some things stright here... to avoid any more posts like " OMG my class is gone i will never be able to have a crossbow this game suxx now bye bye"... This update is good! for example: Guardian before the patch " Hi, i am an tank. i can …
  • i like this... in fact, i like this alot . now, you wont be locked up as a tank just becouse you picked a guardian, you wont be locked up as an tank, but you can "respec" and do some dps to... makes choosing a bit easier, and thats good ^^          …
  • in Sweden, 16-years old will be allowed to play it.. i think it will be 18 in us, and i dont know about the rest of europe... so minimum age, 16. But if people just act good, mature and friendly in-game, i dont mind the age.
    in question Comment by Hajen January 2007
  • http://www.ageofconan.com/common/classList/classList.html  u can find info about the classes here^^
    in question Comment by Hajen January 2007
  • If you mean that all the people who havent read all the conan books and comics shud stay away from this game, then ur nuts. I think that everyone who wants to play shud play, no matter of how many books theyve read. But i also agree with needalife, …
  • So, the PC version will be released in march-may 2007?
  • and heres my first impressions "Hey, look a mob! lets kill it! "miss miss miss miss miss miss parry block parry parry parry block miss evade resist miss block 1 miss block miss" and is there anything else to do beside questing?
  • noo i cant wait five more months for this game! :P... Fion, are you sure that they will open up the beta in january? 
  • Well... If your going to start playing WoW againg, roll horde. But remeber thatalot of good mmorpgs will be released 2007... Age of conan, vanguad etc 
  • Oh! someone makes a topic about "ppl who hates wow sucks!" and then, the spellbot starts whining, cuz theres nothing else to whine about... D
  • Age of Conan 
  • becouse WoW players are to busy playing... They just dont got the time to vote! *Gotta grind, gotta quest, gotta lvl, need... better... gear!* :P
  • Wtf? whining about a game that has'nt been released yet :P...  I think it will be great anyway, definently gonna try it out
  • liked the video very much, nicely done . But i was very close to turn the sound of :P
  • Im going to play age of conan i think, depends on if it will be as good as i think it will be... otherwise, i guess i will have to stick with WoW (although im not looking forward lvl up to 70)... But from what i have read seen and heard, Age Of Cona…
  • Fantastic thread, i love watching all those cool screenshots ^^. i like the DAoC screens the most, probably becouse of all the memories. To bad i forgot to save my screens when i emptied my hard drive, now i have no screens left :S... Anyway, thx fo…
  • reasons... 1: blizzard dont give a fuck about anything but earning money 2: everything look the same, buildings, characters etc etc... 3: worst quests ever... they r all the same "go kill this, deliver this, gather this"...its all the same. craft…
  • i think ppl is leaving becouse of many reasons, but one of them have to be that they dont like to read the text "miss miss miss miss miss dodge block dodge miss block" while they r swinging their sword