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  • housing can be used for better regen as well as convenient start place. Otherwise, its just a cash sink when lvl-grind gets too numb you can deck it out with nice couches and sh%%
  • Second that. Played 1 game with two accounts on diff. comps commected to one router. No problemo. It doesnt even have to be a friend. Could be a smelly horde member.
  • I would (and will in a couple of months) be going with nVidia 6800 cards (whichever species GT, reg or Ultra) because they are currently pretty beefy and can be upgraded with SLI (some kind of linked intereface: you get a second card of the same kin…
    in video card Comment by skybug July 2004
  • I generally end up soloing most of the time, but I do like groups, as long as the return is not dismally low. It has a lot to do with the way the class/race balance is set up in a game, as well as loot-sharing and exp-sharing mechanics. Some games…
  • I cant say that I disgaree with anything said. When I posted my thing about liking the idea of shamans, that had no ingame quality references. I like the concept of shaman in real life. If the shaman in game is a gimp, then screw that - i will pl…
  • Hei, bro, Flag into your hands. I have no problem if my favorite class is uber. I am not gonna stand in the way. I have seen my favorite game ruined by disbalance but I have also seen many people's game experience ruined because of vain attempts …
  • I just like shamans as an idea. They are cool. And since this is a role playing game, I dont care if they dont have the optimal character setup. I really just picked it for the name.
  • i suggest going to www.extremetech.com to read their graphics card reviews. They do a ton of testing with some of the most demanding games and even do dollar per FPS valuation sometimes. They compared the latest nVidia and ATI cards (the 6800 and …
    in video card Comment by skybug July 2004
  • One word: WAR! This is world of warcraft, so if some girly-men are afraid of a little smell, I faart in their general direction. And my bull will stick its hoof so deep up your pet's a$$, I will collect enough scent for all my dogs to track your g…
  • ahhheeeeeeehh-heh-he! smack him Beavis! Smack HIM NOW!!
    in WoW Comment by skybug June 2004
  • Developers can never catch a break. There are always some pee-brains whiming about something all over the place. ITs a game, if you are not having fun, dont play. I think two games in one thing is great. I dont care if it has bugs. They all do.…
  • Keep it real.
  • this poll is completely off from the previous one. Just goes to show how reliable speculation is.
  • I will confine my opinion only to info I did go through. So here goes. WoW hype-meter has 1000 comments to EQII's 780+ish. I guess those extra couple hundred people are the Mac users. javascript:insertemote('');
  • O-oh! 3 to 1 ratio for Alli. Thats not good. The horde is ugly as all hell though, but tauren city looks cooler.
  • I like it. Yep, I think I really like it.
  • I wanted to be a tauren shaman after reading the descriptions and watching the movies, but the beta discussion about skills training and balance is quite heated, so I got scared for a minute. And then I thought - I am not doing this to win, just to…
  • Apparently, for the several dungeons and other locations that are instance zones, as many instances as there are players can be created. When you enter, the zone loads. With party manipulation you can invite upto 18 (as I have heard) ppl into your…
  • I am most likel to play it, if my comp can handle it. It seems to have some very interesting features, like instance dungeons - my own personal dungeon! I want to play a shaman. What I do wonder about is whether there is any significant lvl gri…
  • the file is off! Put it back up, plz. I'd like to see something funny today.