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  • For me, i'd better play online games sitting in a comfortable chair with my back leaning on the foam of the chair. I have an office chair that I bought in a cheaper price and it really provides me great comfort.
  • I love the graphics of Witcher 3 and I must admit, its well-written. But I think, its somehow weird because because some part of the game has an issue on juvenile restriction and is not ideal for many gamers. But then, I just love how the script is …
  • Its my outlet for stress. I've been busy the whole day and I like something new to do after the long hours of sitting in front of my computer doing payroll and home loans. Through playing games, I can get out of those stressors and just relax for fe…
  • Well at least it would still be able to play Xbox One and 360 games.
  • Many people can actually say, pc gaming just eats up a lot of time and money because many are being addicted to it specially the minors and kids as well. Many parents are scolding their children because they always see the bad side of online gaming …
  • Well, It seems exaggerated for me but I am not sure of because its psiic's experience though. On the other side, I have a cousin who played VR and it was a horror play. Watching him screaming like nuts and looking side to side and at the back really…
  • I believe everyone of us here are entitled of our own opinion really. Well, I just want to share mine as well. I guess, each one of us has its own priorities and obligations. Maybe some can afford to buy an expensive car or a gaming pc. But more peo…
  • For me, the Super Mario Brothers. I am pretty sure I completed it 100% and what I just said after I finished the game was , That's it?Lol. Well, I do hope there will be a new version of Mario Bros. to be release this 2017 and then I will let it play…
  • Hey, stop the fuss. It really matters a lot, reading the terms of service before buying a game. What the heck will you gonna purchase something if its already broken. Its quite ironic why people demands so much of the game where in fact he/she was n…
  • I do not really let my laptop to be repaired by anyone since I am very cautious on private secrecy most specially my Paypal and other online banking accounts. Actually, I am afraid of frauds and other scams since nowadays people tend to manipulate o…
  • It’s a pretty heady story wrapped up in an action flick about a pretty robo-girl in a skintight suit firing off guns.  There’s a reason why the story has resonated with so many for so long. The problem is that, aside from a few stunning action scene…