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I''ve been playing games ever since I was about 3 years old. I''m going on 22 this July. Ever since my first game on the old Atari system (Contra, still one of my favorites), I''ve grown very very bored with video games. Whether it be online MMORPG''s or single player games. I''ve grown extremely tired of the same old game setups and the same old stuff. It seems to me like the games just copy each other with the exception of different item textures and landscapes.


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  • I was in the closed beta testing, and it isn't that great. They kinda ruined the game in my opinion. The game is extremely laggy. That and there are too many bugs.
  • well actually i should rephrase, it's not a first person shooter. It's a third person shooter. It also has a gameplay type where you fight against NPCs in missions and so on. If nothing else, at least take a look and check it out. If you don't want …
  • You've never heard of it before?! It's been around for awhile. It was once P2P, then went F2P with an item mall and what not. It's a great game, you should click the pic and check it out man.
  • I can't do 2d anymore. They just don't interest me like a 3d game does. I guess you can say that I crave the depth as far as graphics. That and the ability to look around ya know.
  • Ghost,    I have to say that was good reading ^_^. It's sad really.....   Man game companies should give every gamer a piece of paper and have them all write down an idea. This way maybe they would get a general Idea of what gamers want, hel…
  • My point is, that if the companies would get their heads out of their  es, They would see that the more they listen to the gamer, the more money they would make. Due to the fact that they listen to what the consumer wants to buy, rather then the co…
  • Congratulations is in order, Wish I could say the same lol. As for working out game ideas. I wish I had enough time in each day to write out everything and put it down on paper. I HAD one piece of work that took me almost 4 months to write up, total…
  • So that I am a bit clearer, I wasn't referring to BIG game companies. As for getting into game development, I have been looking to going for it. Haven't had the chance to sit down and look around for what kind of programs are running for degrees. I'…