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  • I always lend a hand to new players. I have "Fletching Day" in Kelethin, where I OOC free bows, tailored quivers, and arrows, and I power buff every noob I see in game. When I play my low level toons, I try to grab all the new players I can, and log…
  • I have been playing EQ for over 2 years, and I have no idea what this guy is talking about. Honestly, I still think EQ is a game worth playing.
  • LOL, that won't stop Pirates of the New Frontier from doing it anyway. I'm waiting for the pre-NGE SWG emulator to go live. I will use it despite any legal issues, and support it 100%. I hope they release free downloads for server creation so that …
  • They really don't need any new class that I can see. They have all the bases pretty much covered. Just peaks and tweaks to the existing classes. The changes I want to see are the addition of pets for all the classes, even if they are brutally low l…
  • Not only did they botch the implementation of the NGE, they refused to address serious UI issues that make the game miserable, and clumsy. The lack of serious consideration, and implementation of players suggestions to make the NGE more palatable, …
  • I have been keeping a very close eye on Vanguard. It looks very very very promising.
  • There are plenty of low level characters. The problem is, they are ALTs. They are Taders in Bazaar, or alternate toons destined to be PL'd to a sutable level. The great thing is, you can luck out, and group with a guy boxing a 70 cleric that group h…
  • It's not the same game, but it's still fun for me... so far. Although SOE seeks to personally offend me with each and every decision they make to change game content. They know my name, and have my house bugged. They seek to willfully and purposfull…
  • I don't know why I still hold out any hope for this game. It brings a tear to my eye when I think about how great this game was before Sony ruined it. I have been seeking a game to replace it, and there just isn't any games out there that are as goo…
  • Originally posted by poobla Oh yah. I remember. That half elves that never existed in LOTR. I remember those guys. /sarcasm off You are forgetting the child of Aragorn and Arwen. Your memory is rusty.
    in Elves Comment by Nasindor March 2006
  • I've always prefered Half Elf characters. All of my D&D characters were Half Elf, as is my Main toon on EQ. I like the balance of abilities and stats you get by mixing Elven and Human.
    in Elves Comment by Nasindor March 2006
  • Originally posted by Sephiroth9 Unless you already have a high level character i would advise you not to return. Servers have merged and the population is still rather low. All the players seem to be at the high end which makes finding a group th…
  • You can do alot with platnum. It's not bad. As a new player, you would not be missing much other than Guild Hall, and a few other perks. Most the "post-platnum" expansion material (added zones in particular) is really geared for higher level players…
  • Egads, I am shocked anyone would trust SOE to do anything "progressive" to this game. I keep looking at this game with interest, cause the name "The Matrix" has so much freakin' potential, but I see who is sculpting the the entire project, and I am …
  • Egads I hope this is true. I miss Star Wars badly.
  • LOL, roleplaying is up to you, regardless of what server you belong to. You have to make that happen, not the game.
  • I'd say over 50% of my Gameplay adventuring is solo gameplay. I like the Option of grouping, without it being a requirement, especially for skillfarming. If I can't log in, and casually collect the stuff I need for skills, while keeping to myself, I…
  • Too many cooks spoil the soup. On my way out the door from SOE games period.
  • I gave this game an honest assessment, and a review. I saw the "passing grade" it had, and thought, this is utterly ridiculous. In all honesty, I had to rate graphics kinda high, cause even if SOE ruined the game, the graphics are still pretty good …