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  • UO: Leviathan and Gothokaos on the Baja server. I ran with Cult of the 7 Sins. That was launch to 1999. EQ: Gothokaos, Erudite Mage on Innoruuk. Was with Forsaken Children and then Formidable from launch to Planes of Power. EQ2: Jalgur, Dark Elf I…
  • Thanks Devs! You guys are awesome!
  • https://forums.mmorpg.com/discussion/6467/should-i-open-it-or-not The unknown account links to this one. Can I get it linked to this one please?
  • Originally posted by Aragon100 This vision dont exist anymore. It went 100% carebear. After a year of whining the PvE players got their completely safe game world. There are no risk vs reward or consequences in SotA. The combat system will be a …
  • Here are some pictures of Elite Gamers! Do you have what it takes to be ELITE?
  • I never thought about checking my steam account! Thanks for the suggestion!
  • I have great success duoing with my wife. I am a Disciple and she is a Necromancer.  
  • Am I getting older? You bet! Some of my children are adults now and I don't have the time to play that I used to. I have a 5 yr old that is obsessed with Minecraft! Am I burned out? Almost! Most games are no different than Everquest. I need som…
  • If you still have the cancellation email, call your credit card company and tell them it was a fraudulent charge. That will get Sony's attention!
  • Ginkeq, Here's a suggestion... You should be outside chasing girls instead of crying about video games on a forum! That's what a normal young man of your age should be doing with his time. Think about it....  
  • Goblin Bloodmage
  • Apple IIe.... Played games like Ultima and Wizardry on it.  I missed my 6th grade graduation (1981) because of Ultima.... but I won. Anyone else remember the game Miner 2049er?
  • Does anyone else hear the "Real Men of Genius" song playing in their head when reading Xyang's posts? I salute you! Mr. "I'll die for good video games maker" thefuntimesguide.com/2004/10/bud_light_real.php
  • Has anyone else even heard about Two Worlds for the 360? xbox360.ign.com/articles/752/752250p1.html The main webpage used to state it was coming out for the 360. I can't find any references about it anymore.
  • Post your computer specs please. Mine is: AMD64 3500+ Socket 939 2gig Corsair XMS Pro (pc3500) EPoX 9NDA3J NForce3 AGPset EVGA 6800 Ultra GDDR3 256MB I run the game just fine at high settings...
  • I would save an extra $100 and get a card thats a bit more expensive! Check out these cards, not TOP END but still upper end. These are PCI-E 16X cards. Make sure to goto the manufacturers web page and see what kind of power supply is required. …
  • How good is your Video Card? How much stuff do you have running in the background? I haven't kept up to date on recent hardware releases but my 6800 Ultra does fine even though it's 2 years old. Your system specs seem to be better than mine and I'm …
  • I doubt you will be able to find something as thrilling as your favorite game for at least 10 years. I've been trying and NOTHING will satisfy me like UO and EQ. Find a new hobby and come back in a decade and all it will be new and thrilling again.
  • Are you playing the Official Campaign or a persistent world? Persistent worlds can be very laggy due to the fact that the server cannot handle the player load.  I'm running a AMD64 3500+ with a 6800 ultra 256mb and 2gigs pc3500 ram. I only have prob…
  • I'll take one please. Adult gamer here FTW! gothokaos@yahoo.com