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  • Also, they claim their entire studio at visionary realms only employs industry veterans.  So yeah.
  • You'll never get a date.  They will run this company to bankruptcy before they give out another date. They were supposed to be in beta by 2017, according to public interviews in 2015. When they blew that date, at Pax East 2018 they said alpha before…
  • EQ1 had over 60 zones at launch. They've had 6 years to produce 10 playable zones they're willing to show. They've had over 1 year and 8 months to build Project Faerthale.  In june, it will be 2 years.  It's still not done.  The goals for the projec…
  • rounner said: This does prove the point though, climbing like this was not in earlier mmo's so they have departed from the old standard of what was achievable. I know Unity pretty well, and if they had access to all EQ assets, they coul…
  • It's because visionary realms has placed graphics ahead of gameplay, instead of gameplay ahead of graphics. And yes, according to wikipedia, EQ1 took 3 years to develop with a smaller team than VR has. It's the difference between programmers versu…
  • Tanist said: Fact is, I would have preferred the game be released at its initial released state of graphics (with the stock unity models) and the original proclaimed design goals than the bland product that I see today which is nothing more tha…
  • If you're wondering why this might look familiar, 3 years ago in Dec 2016 they showed the same zone. ~1h54m30s in 2016 ("Shaman Gameplay..") is roughly the 7 minute mark in the Dec 2019 video.
  • So far, they have not kept a record of pledger test server access start and stop times, publicly.  To do so would reduce pledges, as people would know precisely how limited this access has been. Pre-alpha, overall, started in December 2017.  Si…
  • Once a project achieves enough milestones, no single person should determine success or failure. If they deliver what is promised in these three pages, they will have accomplished their goal.  Many of their public design decisions since 2014 hav…
  • Multiple employees of Visionary Realms have confirmed, in the past 48 hours on the official forums, that development of Pantheon will continue.
  • The original kickstarter failed on Feb 22, 2014.  Today, we're at Nov 19, 2019.  Over 5.5 years. The choice to use Unity was so that they could take advantage of everything already being pre-made, that is, animations, models, world assets, weapons, …
  • ChildoftheShadows said: How do people come to the conclusions that they do? I didn't even get the impression of phasing from this at all. From here: " .. Yes, in a sense, we are talking about Phasing .. "
  • It's definitely phasing, and phasing is definitely instancing, regardless of size/scope.  It's used in exactly this way in many past and current MMO's, WoW included. However, Chris "Joppa" Perkins disagreed with Brad's opinion on this solu…
  • Utinni said: Still waiting for alpha Won't be this year, keep waiting.
  • Bluddwolf said: TsaboHavoc said: no sane publisher will touch this... I don't believe that is true.  The Pathfinder IP is quite popular.  Your statement may be more accurate by adding "without wanting to make major changes to th…
  • Some retrospect, observations, and opinions: Nov 23, 2011, Ryan Dancey: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2n60o?I-wont-play-if-PVP-is-too-open#25 " Most areas of the game world will permit one character to attack another. " " Pathfinder Online's sandbox …