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  • Originally posted by Lord.Bachus Originally posted by Preythan it's been reported multiple times per day for a few days now, checked on it myself.  kind of sad that it's still bugged when it's the first dungeon for players. Strange, espesciall…
  • Originally posted by azzamasin And don;t even get me started on that train wreck of a combat system.  Truly one of the worst combat experiences I've ever seen.   Oh please, we all know that honour goes to ESO. It's as deep as a puddle.
  • The character building was interesting to me at first, but the full awesomeness of the combat didn't really click until I did my first dungeon at 20.  The first adventure at 15 was fun, but it didn't show me how tactical and rewarding the game reall…
  • The game will never have open world faction PvP. The only time you encounter other factions is in Cyrodiil. Opt in FFA PvP is something they could do. Technically with the megaserver they could group all PvP flagged players together.
  • While there are good F2P models out there (Rift), most of them lean far too much towards nickel and diming. I prefer a B2P model along the lines of TSW or console games, where you buy the base game and always have access to it, and then pay for add…
  • Originally posted by Sigurd57 If you don't see the option to convert it to Imperial style, it likely means it already is. Quest rewards are also exempt. Has to be drops or crafted.
  • Originally posted by Distopia Originally posted by Viadric Originally posted by Distopia Originally posted by Viadric Well that's a slap in the face to PVER's. Why in the hell would you not release endgame PVE content for the majority o…
  • Originally posted by thunderC Originally posted by Amjoco So many started threads with no real point.   Its the same 5 or 6 guys who keep starting these threads and hijack other peoples posts. Unfortunately you are not allowed to call them out…
  • Standard practise but I agree its annoying. They shouldn't harass you for time cards or credit details til the month is up.
  • Because they are no longer optional adventures, they are the primary delivery of xp. They are now being shoved down our throats and delivered in such a quantity that the quality and novelty suffers.
  • Originally posted by captainamazing57 ^&*^*(^( nameplates and chat bubbles. This is not a kids' game. Oh the irony.
  • Originally posted by Fendel84M Sad when actual gaming sites don't even know the facts. SoE didn't even own Vanguard when it was "pushed out the door". They bought it after it had already bombed. Christ...   They weren't the IP owners at that stag…
  • Originally posted by ESOldier Originally posted by Bigdaddyx Originally posted by xpiher   Everyone should just ignore this guy. He's either a rapid fanboy or a troll (I'm going with the latter). Everyone should also be aware that Zenim…
  • If they remade the list now, ESO would be number one.  People logging into other peoples characters from their own usernames is a hilariously epic fail.
  • Fanboys: Blind fanaticism or mentally challenged? Not sure how anyone could consider players randomly logging into and having full access to other players characters a minor bug or the fault of the users.  In over 15 years of MMOs I haven't seen an…
  • To put it into context, the record for 1-60 in Vanilla WoW was 5 days, and that was long after launch.
  • The game has soft targeting that you cannot turn off.  Likewise, only moves that state they will do an AE can hit multiple targets.  This isn't really a full action combat game like TERA, its more akin to Neverwinter.  
  • Its not exploiting, he didn't do some bugged quest for infinite XP, he just did grinding. If anything, Zenimax should just cut its losses and un-nerf the XP from dungeons and group content.  Funnelling everyone into quests will just lead to people …
  • Originally posted by askdaboss I don't understand why people are complaining about this person, when we should be saluting his performance. And I very much doubt someone who rush for a world first to max level will complain about the lack of conte…
  • Originally posted by funcon there any trial keys that I can have? I want to see how it runs on my PC before ordering. last beta test the game ran like crap .   Not sure how that's even possible. Ran at 60fps+ on my 3 year old computer.  Nothing h…