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  • Hi there and Welcome to Vanguard! Raiding in vanguard is phenomenal. There  are two premier raid areas in vg right now: Ancient Port Warehouse and Pantheon of The Ancients. PoTA was just recently released and has not been cleared yet. There are also…
  • Originally posted by Jatar   Mike470 is correct, partly we wanted to see if there was much interest in a dynamic world game that is primarily quest based.  The sheer quantity of emails we have received supporting this idea is encouraging.   It seems…
  • Yeah from what I have read this will be similar to planetside pre-cu. But it could be a bit more RP style. Who knows guess we'll just have to wait for some more info.
  • There was another little game that launched with PvP loot, you might have heard of it: Ever Quest.
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  • This game could suck. But if the producers stick to what they are promising and delivery a good game upon going live then it wont. This title certainly will not be a WoW killer because it will require entirely too much thought for the average WoWer.…
  • As far as I am concerned as the gameplay is spectacular the graphics could be like diablo II. Keep it up CoS dev team and make a fresh game!
  • My guess on the release since they are still working on coding and havent found a publisher yet is around Q2 2010.
  • After reading every word on their website, my guess is the new "big update" will be about the magic in the game. The magic as of right now is "so important to the gameplay that they are keeping it under wraps for now."   but who know.. all in a…
  • If you dont like EvE you wont like this game. And secondly, you cant just "try" EvE you have to dedicate a legitimate amount of time to it to get a real sense of the game.
  • Sorry but the new design sucks. It doesnt feel MMO-like, if you catch my meaning.