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Could Guild Wars 2 be "the next thing"? Or just another massive dissapoint? Anyone arguing in forums... FAILS! .


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  • OP: Because tremor launchers kills lots of people?
  • Personally I would be happy with the salvage system GW had. Since most of the MMORPGS/MMOS craftings sucks anyways unless its made sandbox style.
  • OP: ONE! Make him, love him, care for him, enjoy him, spend all your time with him!   I don't care for alts named "KissMeHeiny" or "Jim3094" or the likes
  • Yeah... guess your right. I liked Guild Wars. My only problem with it really was the way you gained skills. I always wanted a bigger and more rich GW. And I think this will be interesting to see how it develops.
  • OP: Hmh. This is a bit awkward. I hope this will work out nice but it SOUNDS like it will be a bit lame and that you don't have much choise in making a unique build like in GW1. I also agree on Foomerangs observation about "when blizzard does it it…
    in Skills Comment by DuraheLL November 2010
  • Originally posted by Sovrath Originally posted by DuraheLL OP: Tell you what... It's not the time it takes, it's what you DO meanwhile that counts. If I were to sit here pressing simply "1" for one hour, and hit level cap by doing so, I would …
  • OP: Tell you what... It's not the time it takes, it's what you DO meanwhile that counts. If I were to sit here pressing simply "1" for one hour, and hit level cap by doing so, I would call it a grind. Because the entertainment value was so low …
  • Isnt that the quest where you should use some scented stuff to summon a monster? If so, switch to channel 4 and the quest will work just fine
  • OP: But Aion really needs to cut alot of the time needed to reach max level. As of now quests are a joke (I know it's adressed for a fix though) and the only option you will have in the end is mindlessly killing mobs. I have done nothing but ques…
  • Originally posted by colddog You don't know what sandbox means.    I just said what it meant did I not. If you can make your own town IE SWG, it's a sandbox game. If there are no set linear paths of gameplay and you are free to roam and adve…
  • Originally posted by wowfan1996   Originally posted by DuraheLL First of all, im not a Aion fanboy.   How in the world did you make what I did into "only kids play WoW" material?   Why do you post meaningless fanboy-style messages then? A…
  • Originally posted by wowfan1996 @DuraheLL Yeah, we all know that World of Warcraft is usually called WoW and it was released in 2004. Other than that, what exactly was your point? More of the same ancient "only kids play WoW" fantasies? They've o…
  • I remember killing 3 "bosses" in a row and nobody got anything at all (not even pocket fuzz). So I agree on this one
  • Originally posted by sirchive WoW is possibly the most boring MMO I've ever played. Nothing about it is interesting or compelling. The ONE good thing about playing WoW is that it made me appreciate Sandboxing again. I THOUGHT I was bored with San…
  • nice. then I dont have to sit in queues and maby there wont be so much BS in the chats
  • It really was an extremely stupid decision to raise level cap to 50 from 45. I would like to hear ONE good reason from the makers for that decision, only ONE!   ... other than the possibility of them getting more money since people needs more …
  • Ofc it's low. But come on dude... overreact MUCH?
  • Not compareable. Aion smashes WAR like a bug when it comes to RvR (see what I did there?)
  • Originally posted by luciusETRUR  I on the hand, like depth in my lore   if you dont think the lore of Aion is good theres something wrong with you
  • Its nice with XP boost. Lets just hope it FEELS like less of a grind and that you will actually feel like your level bar rises as you quest. Then, only one thing remains, making better xp for PVP and then voila, complete