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  • Seeing alot of good MMO's disappearing. SW, TR and WH where great MMO's. Had a lot of fun playing them..   Hell, wish I had the chance to jump into CoH, when I had THAT chance. *shrugs*   Life, gotta hate it sometimes.
  • Very good review. I gotta say. I'm really having a great time with this MMO. One of the Best F2P systems so far.
  • You do have a point Gameloading. It is just a simple beta. SO! Well wait and see what happen after beta.. Thats the best I can think of right?
  • I am really not happy with this game. It just fells... ehh to me. The Bugs and issues are just. To much and the company wants to bring this game out in to the market in a few months. I thought Lineage 2, Everquest 1 and 2, and DDO were bad during …
  • I can't say anything more but its nice. But the 6800 XT is working just fine. I mite need to upgrade my Mechine thought. Running a 3000+AMD with 1 gig of mem. SO I am planing to ugrade to a P4 ex just to help me out with other MMO I am beta testing.…
  • Awesome! My Girlfriend who used to play on CT my be coming back. Her worry is that her Account maybe deleted. She started a day after the Ending of L2 Beta. I may hook up with her with she on the server. Now, I heard rumors that many of the old Serv…
  • Okay, so it's pretty much not worth returning to EQ?
  • Well Got the Sig to work. Anyways, just giving other players who are planing on playing L2 in the later fulture a heads up. I used to play on Staghert Now I am moving on to Erika an maybe to Bartz I don't know. It seems there been more and more dram…
  • Well, let see how well it goes once RF comes out during opening day. I think I may have to retake much of what I said. updating driver some times helps with many issues. But there are still bugs that need to be handed ASAP. I do agree the armor and…
  • I'm going to put my 2 cents in for DDO. Being a DnD nutcase for a good quarter of my life. I found DDO very disappointing. I know I know, here come a bitch on my side. I never been much of a Euberon World fan. Matter a fact they should of made DDO …
  • Beating a dead horse here. I been playing this game too. I think the character Creation is okay. But I notice that the graphics where like What the hell? This game has that complete upright felling of a L2 clone. Same BS poltics, Same.. gah... I ca…