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  • In my experience there are no free MMO's that are really smooth. They all feel clunky and jumping is usually really awfull! Unless you turn to a action based MMO. C9 is my personal favourite, but it's dungeon based. There's also RaiderZ which is in…
  • runescape is so bad that George W Bush wanned to blow it up with a bomb! Ive played: Guild wars, ragnarok, lineage 2, rose, wow, knight online, tibia, runescape, silkroad and some others and i got to say... Runescape is the worst!!!!!
  • Im not sure what to answer. Silkroad online is the biggest "grind" gamae out there. But when you reach lvl 30+, the pvp is just amazing. the problem is, it takes months of regular grinding to reach it. When i grinded as most i got to lvl 20 in 3 day…
  • Ima be keeping my eye out for that game. Looks good Back on-topic. I would like to see Some kind of skateboarding game become a MMO. That would be awsome to like go around a giants world and being able to skate and get sponserd by either player-ow…
  • I would say light (allways light if ur pure int ) and fire couz of atack power, wih is the point of a pure int. I dont see why people use ice when when it isnt got as much power. If you're pure str then ice is good.
  • Pure str are harder to lvl with than pure int cuz of the lack of power. AS said before east of hotan would be the best and if i were you i would buy some gold time. I used it on my new char at lvl 27 and i got like 23k for a earth ghost giant. Like …
  • Originally posted by Cik_Asalin What about the Thief job. Please dont be a theif. That only makes my to do list bigger.  Seriusly theifs sucks untill you're past lvl 50 atleast. The same with hunter. Trader is the easiest to be. Also note that…
  • Originally posted by Ulujain   Get yourselves a credit card and play a real MMORPG. Im curently subscribed to wow and my rose online subscribtion just whent out but i still find myself playing silkroad. Just because you dont know how to choo…
  • The reason i play silkroad is because of the caravan system. In other games when you're bored you think: "hmm, what should i do now?". Then you realise that the only thing you can do is grinding.
  • Originally posted by Judian I just signed up right now, and hoped I got pick hehe.. I've tried DDO don't like it very much. Ive signed up to, both on europe and us with two accounts.
  • It works for me. Try using firefox.
  • I only drink Red bull cuz of the BIG suport they give to extreme sports. So yeah, Red bull is da best.
  • I allways say: "Never give money for a free game". As in silkroad, why buy in item mall?
  • If you do not find it go to gem list, silkroad online and click forum. It needs more categories though. General discussion isnt enought, there should be trade and guild to.
  • I think the monkey is pretty good in the item mall. I gather stuff for you and if you're lucky it find a good weapon or equip that someone left out, if you're REALY lucky you might even find a sos. And the game is not in beta, it ended in january …
  • I found that leveling a second character is easyer than the first. Allways go pure to, either int or str. It took me weeks to get my first char to lvl 20 but i leveled to lvl 17 in 4 days with my second. Might be because i got more money but i don…
    in Leveling Comment by Sarennia June 2006
  • You said you played Runescape.... Please make a new account and continue playing.
  • Omg! I cant control myself! Im... Searching..... on..... google..... for.... PORN!!
  • Originally posted by tigris67 I feel bad because no one answered your post. Silkroad Online is by no means a "horrible" game. Its just a bit repetitive and has NO character customization leaving everyone looking basically the same sadly. It runs li…