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  • Originally posted by jayheld90 false and false?? if its false and you know what it is, why didnt you tell us? because i heard the same thing sparatb just said, and i think it was in a moorgard interview that i read. Im not allowed to... %43…
  • Originally posted by sparkatb Yea there will be, but not on a big scale. As you go to new area's, theres a in-game map window. Scouts, deffinetly Predators, get access to a similar thing also, but their window shows them what mobs are near in the …
  • SOE has already terminated plenty of accounts that are being sold without the owners knowledge... so people who purchase the accounts are gonna be in for a suprise. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%…
  • Originally posted by steelscout MMORPG.com contest winners will be in Phase 1 Phase 1: Friends & FamilyPhase 2: Long Term Subscribers etc. (NOW)Phase 3: Beta Contest Winners and regularly chosen people.I guess you mean that, but that's how…
  • Originally posted by MurtBijani Originally posted by |MaguS| Poop, Beta can get pretty lonely sometimes... if it gets too lonely you could always send your account / password to me...   Now thats just stupid... How would that he…
  • Originally posted by Kunou I was referring to when I was playing the troll at the Fansite VIP Event not to being in beta. ---------- MMORPG.com Staff --------- Desolation Guild Website ---------- Poop, Beta can get pretty lonely sometimes... …
  • So are you in beta? If so... we should group. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
  • No one knowns but It wont be by Sept 1st... %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
  • Open Beta will NOT happen untill a few weeks prior to launch, they have more then enough applicants to handle closed testing. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
  • Its a mixed community, many hate EQ2 and Many are so hyped about it... but not many have stated that they will leave EQ1, especially the high end people since not many wish to start all over again. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%5…
  • I love the character models... %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
  • There is no possible way to reserve your name prior to launch, not even for beta testers. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
  • Neither of them... %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
    in Open Beta Comment by |MaguS| August 2004
  • LOL, I love that Video! Reminds me of my old EQ1 days... actually got one of our Wizards to shout it everytime he casts a Lightning spell. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
  • Originally posted by Ken`Shiero What chu talkin bout Magus?!?!? ________________________________ I must not fear, fear is the mind killer fear is the little death that leads to obliteration, i must permit fear to pass over me and through me. _____…
  • They have a beta. Its happening RIGHT NOW! %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
  • Horizons probably has the best Trade Skill system but um... the rest of the game blows. EQ2 is promising to have a very fun and unique way to accomplish Trade Skills but none is actually known. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%7…
  • I don't think there comparable since they both are trying to achieve a different look. EQ2 contains massive enviroments and something called... light. Doom 3 is almost completly dark and is in small corridors. If I had too choose though, I would say…
  • Wasn't edited. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%65%72%71%75%65%73%74%20%32%2E
  • The game looks better then the screenshots make it out to be and you really don't need the newest Graphics Card, You can run it pretty dam well on a Radeon 9800pro 128MB. %43%75%72%72%65%6E%74%6C%79%20%42%65%74%61%20%54%65%73%74%69%6E%67%20%45%76%…