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  • Hmm looks cool. Thinking if i will add this game on my game lists. Right now i'm playing Rohan blood feud and RO only. I'm also looking other games to try.
  • Games looks nice. btw is Eclipse War Onlie is also from playwith?? i still love rohan because of the community and gameplay. i've been playing for almost 5 years now. though i enjoy EWO too because of their transformation cards.
  • Haha. I've experienced this once too with my guildmates on Rohan i thought our friendship was build already and we're ready to step on the next stage. but things won't work i guess. lol.
  • me to i'm obsessed with games but MMORPG. I remember when i was started playing MMORPG when i was high school, i only have 3 hours of sleep everyday due to playing Rohan.  Actually i was still playing Rohan right now and other games such as Final fa…
  • I'm back playing Rohan since most of my friends are still there. I was amazed with their new events so i decided to come back and play again. By the way have you tried this game? 
  • Can you give suggestions guys what MMORPG games should worth trying. Right now i'm just playing rohan and RO. hope you can also give me some. Thanks in advance.
  • Hmm let me share the app i'm using. I used Game Booster whenever i want to capture images and videos when playing Rohan, Ragnarok and Dragon Saga. but i don't any idea if you can capture a video for hour, since i haven't tried that yet.
  • yeah. so that we can search on the web and to check what's the game play features, and if you guys playing Rohan please include me on your guild. Thanks in advance.
  • Just suggesting MOBA games i knew if you don't mind. Aside of Dota and LOL i found a new game which is from playwith (Rohan is the only game i knew from playwith) they have a new game named Eclipse War Online whose the PVP is a moba type. 
  • i wanna join to your clan. what are the games you're playing aside on the three games you stated? Right now i'm playing rohan and Ro2. Thanks in advance.
  • Im playing RO valkyrie o my Ipad mini, and Rohan and Dragon nest for PC. Haha. I'm still addicted to Rohan.
  • i heard that the OBT release will be on last week of April.  I just noticed that Eclipse War and Rohan has the same publisher. Lol.