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  • korean MMO and "Scions of Fate will use the Cash Shop system so players can play the game for free" Oo that would be another quick sightseeing tour through game-design then
  • Do you need to buy an account and then it's F2P or is it completely free? Interested in poking my nose in
  • op: you complain about trolls, yet you choose a seriously trollish thread-title on topic: to me it looks like some more work on the moderators end needs to be done..locking/removing threads, banning accounts etc... but please do it 'moderate' i…
  • extreme contrast like white on pitch-black background is never good on the eyes best readability and eye-comfort is always achieved by reading dark text on light background...if you can't have that, at least the contrast should be somewhat reduced…
  • OP, did you mail or pm to the mmorpg.com staff for adding it? It seriously should be. from looking at the videos this game is pretty far in development and i would bet, it's gonna be released
  • oO that's real phishing then?
  • Originally posted by CobaneIts mind boggling how devs think there users are so dumb. a large part of their users are that dumb actually, not in an overall manner but concerning the degree of totally obeying mindless acceptance ("we do to the dev's…
  • lol this thread is almost too stupid to reply to, but oh well.. i didn't really like Eve either and i've tried it for about half a year it has however my full respect, as it fought and won a tough fight against vanishing into the void of space in it…
  • yea it's seriously very high level stuff only, starting between 205-210 so don't worry for now, just make sure you keep your reset-points as you will likely just have to reset AR when switching to Pistols.
  • AO is sexy! (and i'm not talking about shades in tatts) AI is pretty important to get just like the other 2 expansions are as well. Can't you find a better deal than 30$?
  • yeah you can have some good fun in AO and yes it's a lot about group interaction socializing and all that stuff oh btw..you don't have to share xp in a group so it's always a win to team up
  • c'mon stop advertising the carebear developer's pet class we have enough of them already... the frequently suggested MA might be easy to figure but could as easily become boring my personal approach would be to decide between playing a pet class or…
    in noob class? Comment by bounce June 2006
  • Originally posted by Elnator AO's ok... personally I think it's rated a bit high here. I'd give it a 7 out of 10 personally. But I play for free, so I don't complain about it It's definitely worth the price I pay bit unfair to judge it based …
  • there's always enough other stuff on the to-do list in AO than just grinding...that makes it kinda endurable compared to other games it's rather 'easy' to level anyway sad we're still waiting on that genius who invents the grindless MMO to the OP: t…
  • I think at some point it's just easier to start something new than to improve and rework and refine for ages. I don't think that a 2nd part has to flop necessarily. An expansion or overhaul just doesn't compare to all the hype and attention of a new…
    in Why no AO2 ? Comment by bounce June 2006
  • although i really dislike how you chose your topic... you only get the tiny torrent file containing the download info to the real file; you then need the bittorrent client installed to use the small .torrent file
  • hehe just to reply to the OP: i don't think it's underrated; it has some big +'es but also some nasty -'es so that below very-good ranking is absolutely justified
  • no, clans are rather small in average, however you have some large alliances there, that should somehow equal the 100+ people clans
  • i haven't figured the big deal in marketing behind those either...there must be more behind it than the simple wish to have more server-population i agree that retail is much better than private; i do see though how you can be driven away from it an…
  • well i am or was a bit concerned about the use of resources at FCs too, but oh well you won't ever know sufficient details anyway, unless you head out to scandinavia and work for them