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  • During the cbt there was a noticeable lag between input and action when it came to using abilities and basic attacks, is this still the case or has that been ironed out?  Other than that the game worked fine for me, no catastrophic bugs like on of t…
  • I played during the first month and what I did was simply grab orange gear while I could, and mod it.  Most (if not every I don't remember) quests let you choose between gear and commendations, always take the commendations.  As you finish planets b…
  • Wildstar actually has everything I want in an MMO, but I can't play it.  The artstyle is terrible.  This coming from a guy that actually like cartoony graphics.  No matter how many times I make, and remake a character, I can never get them looking e…
  • The community is exactly the same as any other MOBA.  80% people who just play and don't cause problems, 20% dumbasses who never shut up .  Actually, it's kinda like real life now that I think about it.
  • You've got to account for things like players that choose characters based on aesthetics, players that don't focus on or understand the concept of min/max, and players that will build more defensively for pvp.  PvE only players really won't care at …
  • Miss WoW but just can't get back into it.  I played from launch of vanilla through TBC then quit.  I recently tried to pick it up again because they were doing a free 10 days for returning players but it just wasn't working for me anymore.  Shame be…
  • I really hope Vanguard gets a proper send off on it's last day.  Though I'm not a current player, the game provided me with many hours of entertainment.  Can't say the same for the others, but I'm sure there are people out there who enjoyed them.
  • The game is actually kind of fun if you need a distraction.  It's more of a lazy man's mmo though.  You can pretty much auto-path anywhere.  I'll pick up a quest, click a button and just watch as my character runs there.  Combat is your typical poin…
  • Considering Minecraft is such a huge success, I'd imagine the idea of being able to build whatever you want is something many gamers are interested in.  That being said, I don't see you're point on how they're ripping off gamers.  You chose to pay t…
  • I've purchased my last three laptops from ibuypower and thus far have had no issues with them.  They're customization options are pretty extensive too as compared to somewhere like dell or alienware.  That being said, I'm no guru of computers, just …
  • Umm, isn't that how every subscription based mmo does it?  I had the same thing with WoW and SWTOR. 
  • Originally posted by valo_666 I can't understand how people could possibly prefer instances over actually walking into an area. it makes absolutely no sence to me....INSTANCES SUCK REGARDLESS OF THE SITUATION...who's the genius who said....."hey, …
  • Unless they offer a dwarf tossing minigame, this expansion will not be enough to lure me back into Azeroth.
  • I haven't played in awhile (roughly 3-4 months by now).  But I have to say the game is fairly well balanced.  I'll use my warrior as an example.  When I was MS specced (31/20 with 20 in prot so I could tank a bit) I had no trouble handling rogues, o…
  • I'm guessing that even if it's flight paths to begin with, there's going to be the majority of the population asking for free flight and NCsoft will have to implement it eventually.
  • They have a lot of new ideas and some really cool innovations going into this game.  I'm hoping that they're creativity pays off cuz I'm quite done playing EQ clones thank you very much.
  • 12.8 Will there be dual-wielding?<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /> We are planning on including dual-wielding, yes, but we're not ready to go into details on this. I found that under the FAQ section of the main site, so it looks like they don't …
  • Actually...do they have dual wielding in the game?  I have to double check cuz I may be thinking of another mmo but I believe they said so far there isn't dual wielding in AoC but they were working on implementing it.  Lemme try and find the site I'…
  • Ugh, I honestly don't like the sound of that.  Well hopefully there'll still be enough non-instanced world for me to enjoy the mix.  I guess I just have to wait and see how it all works out in the end.
    in The world Comment by jw2252 October 2006
  • Originally posted by Trinexx If Skies of Arcadia is your favourite game ever, then why not play it? xD Cuz there's no possible way that he's beaten it and wants to try another game now is there???