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  • This is some very selective nitpicking.  There are thousands of videos to watch about this game that indicate its a much different experience from the comparisons the OP is drawing. I agree FF has evolved into something almost unrecognizable but to …
  • I will say this for EQ2; It provided one of the most immersive MMO experiences I've had the honor of being a part of.  In particular I remember the haunted house that is a part of the quest The Haunting.  It was such an involved little scare romp th…
  • The only one that I would even consider giving some of my modern time to would be EQOA, the original console MMO.  Hell they still have a webpage dedicated to taunting and thanking those those who happily played through the many years the game was a…
  • The one that should've never been released?  I've played in beta....I'm of the opinion that they need to fire the animators and modelers.  I'm serious when I say this game belongs in the early 2000s.  Besides that this game has absolutely nothing to…
  • I will give you this advice; learn whatever role(s) you want to play most and try, try, and try some more.  Learn the map VERY well, learn your champions VERY well, and be patient with yourself.  There will be some quick reactions required but aware…
  • I always play a tank in MMOs.  It's one of the most rewarding and challenging positions in my opinion.  I get bored FAST and need to be bombarded with information constantly to keep entertained.  Tanking is one way of pleasing my overactive and ADD …
  • You'll get a lot more out of the experience if you actually take the time to smell the roses.  Get to know your NPCs and listen to their stories. They have quite a bit to say and more than most of it is interesting.
  • /golfclap.  God smiles upon you this day o' childe of the light.   Run and frolic with glee in your heart.
  • Originally posted by Metza My comparison was not that a movie gets beta tested, my comparison would be more like a movie getting released and selling a bunch of tickets on fandango and other sources but then only putting it in a few theatres then pe…
  • Originally posted by JustARandomPanda Some rather odd responses in this thread from armchair "lawyers".   ToS are contracts. Contract law is one of the oldest branches of law (another being Family Law). There are contract laws on the books in th…
  • This is only truly about the decision to not include the taunt ability.  Even with the most advanced AI science could muster you could still have an ability/spell that would force the mob to focus on the tank. 
  • Keep the faith all ye fans? of FFXIV:ARR. It will soon be up and you will have an amazing game with true men like these as your devs behind the game. They obviously care about the gamers and how much they enjoy their game rather than just the dollar…
  • Originally posted by psiic Originally posted by Swiftrevoir This problem is due to an unforeseen circumstance, meaning they did not plan this.  I'm sure that there are professionals behinds the scenes who are working on this diligently.  All of th…
  • After thousands of dollars in court the only thing I could possibly see you being entitled to is a refund.  There is nothing illegal about what is going on. 
  • This problem is due to an unforeseen circumstance, meaning they did not plan this.  I'm sure that there are professionals behinds the scenes who are working on this diligently.  All of this means that they are without fault and until they charge you…
  • It's okay brother, just go sit in a nice quiet corner and breathe into a paper bag until it's over.  I understand your pain.   
  • Come to Leviathan, where a kid can be a kid. Also home to the greatest guild in FFXIV:ARR; Phoenix Reborn!  PhxRb tag.  If any of them are seeing this, my gaming comp has a fried motherboard and will be repaired soon.  I miss you heathens.
  • Huge budget+IP does not a great game make.  That being said I can't answer the poll because it is rigged based on a biased opinion.  EVE has nothing to benefit from going f2p.  Everyone is confused because the saturated market is forcing some devel…
  • Your best course of action would probably be to wait until the wee hours of the morning and try to create a character then.  This has worked for me on several games.  GW2 was notorious for all the popular servers being full at all times.  I would ju…
  • This was your first test and you failed.  Not because it took you so long, but because you lost yourself in the process.  Meditate on some kittens or something bro.