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  • Oh good grief.   If you expected this to kill WoW then you're simply setting yourself up for dissapointment, because MMOs are harder to kill than cockroaches. Plenty of older games like EQ still have subscriber bases and therefore are not 'dead'…
  • Originally posted by Draccan Originally posted by oblivionate Originally posted by Draccan Originally posted by oblivionate No orcs? Wtf? In Tabletop, the Black Orcs are the biggest and most savage orcs there ae. They are also the warbosses…
  • Going to go with Coldren on this one.   I'm as pissed off as anyone about the cuts, but when you get defensive for no reason it just makes you look like you're trying to provoke a conflict which, in my eyes, makes you a troll.
  • I was really big on Destruction for a very long time, but all the new Shadow Warrior stuff has made my change my mind.
  • I hope it's in early Fall, I'm in desperate need of a new RPG.   I won't be buying Wrath that's for sure, that game has gone down hill both in gameplay and community.
  • Originally posted by hbosman Originally posted by SaintViktor Originally posted by sonicsix I would play a MMO with Commander Keen style graphics if the gameplay was superb! I would not play a MMO that had outstanding, amazing graphics if the…
  • Originally posted by Silverthorn8 I read a looong long time ago, that wandering monsters could set up home near towns and villages and if not put down would quickly attract other more powerful creatures and eventually can form war camps.   Does a…
  • Other than the fact that Mythic themselves have stated that this game is not geared to be a ''WoW killer'', WoW has done a pretty bang up job of killing itsself by alienating and splintering it's community.
  • Originally posted by kaydinv Originally posted by Bealzagre I am not, exactly, looking forward to WAR, but I've always liked Warhammer, mostly 40k, so I am hoping that WAR does do well, and happens to be a decent game. However, seeing that EA h…
  • Originally posted by Xiaoki Originally posted by SgtFrog so they are making the game easier again   And what would be the point of making the game harder? Pissing people off for no reason? Alienating new players? Making sure your game…
  • Originally posted by Majinash he also said the proportions are similar, and you kneel down when lighting a fire.  that said, almost all games have similar proportions because... they have HUMANS in them.  of course there are a few that have diffe…
  • Originally posted by kaydinv Originally posted by markoraos Originally posted by kaydinv Those videos confirmed that this game is a WoW clone. Not trying to be a dick or anything but: the map/radar is in the top right portion of the screen, t…
  • Originally posted by Lovan I've quitted WoW 2 months ago due to the following problems (who are of course those that should get fixed in an update): - bugs (this game has quite alot of annoying bugs that get on my nerves regularly, like mining/ski…
  • Originally posted by blakheart666 More new daggers,  for christ sake with a good drop rate and Good Daggers that drop from non-raid monsters. I hear that.   1% drop on felstriker? Puh-leeease.
  •  The dreadmist guy   Because hes from my server
  • Originally posted by syroco My friend just got his account closed for going onto my account, and taking 20g from my char, and mailing it to his character, which I ALLOWED. It's kind of ridiculous how Blizzard considers this Unathorized account acc…
  • Originally posted by Darkwarlord what is the best place for my 53 Orc Warrior? And then up to 60 Id say run some instances like BRD and such.   If your on a pvp server stay the hell AWAY fromt he plague lands.   Its horrible...
  • Originally posted by Jodokai The problem with your inital post, is you don't address the real problems people have with WoW, you simply counter the arguments that are easy to counter. My problems with WoW: 1. The community is the worse I've ever s…
  • Originally posted by dekron Welcome back. Just going to move this over to off-topic for you. Holy crap when did you get executive powers. I miss everything.
    in Rawr Comment by j-monster September 2005
  • Originally posted by Stormwine Originally posted by j-monster Meh thought id say ''Hi'' case anyone missed me. I missed you.................................... who are you again? God. Now bow down.
    in Rawr Comment by j-monster September 2005