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  • MOBA games is really fun for casual player like me.. Age doesn't matter as long as you can play the game, I've seen below 10 years old playing LOL in cafe'.  I can't imagine sometimes playing with kids ahahaha.   Anyway try LOL or Dota or Dota 2. …
    in MOBA Noob Comment by Padieu October 2013
  • I am also one of the million hahahaha But I would definitely love the game,  it's the best innovative game also
  • Is the CM for Aika still active?
  • been playing the game since it was released by Redbana since january, there are lots of problem that this game gone through from transferring and i've seen lots of nega feedback from the old publisher, but good thing about it is that it they have a …
  • you are comparing different game, with different features.  And i think you are a classic player because you still in the grinding or pay to win concept of gaming. For gears? i think the Guild wars 2 has a good community and realyl a user friendly i…
  • It's my first time to buy game and that is for Guild Wars 2  and I never regret it. the game is very innovative. but still depends on your preference.  So before buying i suggest also that you should watch the gameplay video and read reviews about i…
  • Well that's a risk and choice of a beta tester, and honestly if i am a beta tester i wont mind spending money... then at the QQ for the instability of the game.  That why it was still on beta test it's not perfect, even final game that has been rele…
  • Oh.... yeah they might have a problem on pr... so why don't they hire new one? ahaha Anyway goodluck to EA then  
  • I am curious about trying this game,. I;m a big fan of Star Wars but It never comes into my mind to try this. I will give it a shot then  
  • I like this Super Adventure box of Gw2.   
  • I would love to try this game. just checking on the gameplay it looks interesting, the dark theme would be a challenge for me Anyway i'll try to play this after leveling up my character in Granado  
  • I think you can try granado espada  
  • Before I am into range class and spellcasted, I like it because I can attack at long range but of course as time goes by I got bore if it. So I am into Close range class now like Guardian or warrior.  at first i am not used to it because I get huge …
  • Usually when you play online games it does affect your personal life also, for example some are shy in real life but in the game they get to be sociable , you know why? sometimes in the virtual world they could build their own personality and popula…
  • Hmm Guild wars 2 has a Weapon Swap feature, Weapon swap is the mechanic of switching between the two equipped weapon sets (default key: ~). This ability is unlocked when your character reaches level 7 for all professions except Engineersor elemental…
  • I honestly like the idea of arena net and to see the preview in youtube it's kinda interesting to know that they have that kind of approach, I also like the 8bit log in theme... super cute it brings back the memory of playing old rpgs   I'll check …
  • The first thing I'd like to say about it, because I've mentioned that it uses an action combat system and I've also mentioned Perfect World Entertainment, is that Neverwinter is not another RaiderZ. That is to say, it's not a low budget TERA knockof…
  • Yeah me too not that really new.... but it looks interesting I will try to check it and read more about it when I get time as I am playing Granado espada now since they have new updates haahha 
  • yeah even google did it.  on a game that I am playing Granado espada, they release a Game CD Cover for new update, and everyone are very excited about it... and bwlaaa it's just an april fools ahahahah 
  • I understand how you feel  as an mmo gamer, I felt that too whenever I try to play WOW also and usually I am comparing it to other games.  As of the moment I like Guild wars to. I think it's one of the best game for me today that levels up to wow.  …