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Just...trying to get back in the MMORPG's


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  • Originally posted by worchaes I need an f2p long-term mmorpg, something that i can play for years . I've been searching past few days and i cant find anything, i checked out a few games and they were boring. Can someone experienced advice me a good…
  • Originally posted by NagelRitter I do suggest finding a serious guild that is serious about working together. They exist. Many guilds are flaky and full of people who never do anything and don't show up. Don't join those. Yeah, I try.
  • Originally posted by Halandir I have been saying this for years: Football is slowly taking over and killing cricket! Football is neither fun nor thrilling (just my opinion) but somehow it became popular when all we needed was more cricket teams an…
  • Originally posted by whiteoak21 it's not the people but the games that are anti-social. here a list of thing i think make mmorpg anti-social: 1.auto-group: make interaction between player almost useless 2. when low lvl are totally useless to h…
  • Originally posted by Arclan Sounds like a rude couple of fools to say something like, "kick this hoe and let's go." But i would guess they assumed a man was behind your avatar. Good luck and don't sweat the small stuff. Gaming is rough nowadays so I…
  • Originally posted by Volkon Found a great collection of MOBA for you to enjoy.  I laughed pretty hard my god, I actually had the same thing in mind.
  • Originally posted by maplestone Originally posted by MirariMirari I've had alot of emotional issues lately and small tiny outbursts of fighting with 1 particular friend. It's hard to find emotional support from random anonymous strangers. …
  • Well Hardcore or Casual, depends on the player. Honestly I'd place myself in between cause I don't play well.
  • Originally posted by iRels ...Too long (my post). Let's make it short and simple... (Yeah, this!) "Why spend time with strangers? They could simply not be there tomorrow..." The end. ... Ugh.. Hate telling what others are already aware of, but…
  • Originally posted by maplestone Originally posted by MayuiMimi My friends play some games with me but not the games I enjoy most, it is just usually personal preference but it's alot of fun when we start up a MMO PvP type sorts, but they are li…
  • Originally posted by Lissyl I think its more a result of the mainstreaming of the internet and the rise of 'social [insert tag here]' than anything else.  Socialization has been pushed to the forefront of society, and while most everyone gives lip …
  • Originally posted by Bladestrom The answer in modern themeparks is to join a medium to large guild with like- minded peeps. Avoid 'raiding guilds' unless that's your total focus - all guilds raid so it's more about teaming up with people you get on…
  • Originally posted by Ozivois It sounds like your own personal anti-social anxieties have creeped in to your online social experiences. People are less patient and polite online; if you have trouble making friends and finding things in common with ot…
  • Originally posted by free2play Have you tried paintball? Because last I checked, all video games involve buttons. im pretty sure i knew that but thanks -_-
  • Depends, if you spend money or not. Need to spend money to keep playing the story.   Or just play without pay.
  • Originally posted by cyberkill I feel like this happens every year to me but ever since I quit my main MMORPG 4 years ago, I find an MMO I enjoy and then my friends quit, I get bored and I move to the next one or I end up beta testing until another…
  • Well for me the usual classes are like Magician, Cleric, Warrior, Archer, Healer, Rogue   But I like how some other games have unique classes like on Elsword, the EVE girl thing xD I guess Kali from Dragon Nest and Tinkerer.   Theres much more…
  • I have to agree with some of you, Valve, and Namco are pretty good
  • NCSoft.     Bleh....       Disgusting.  
  • Originally posted by monstermmo Originally posted by MayuiMimi Originally posted by Lovely_Laly by the way, OP, you never told what kind of games you like? Just free to play fighting/action ._. DC Universe is an excellent mix of PvP…