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  • I love to play non-human races.  I mean, I play a human every day and its fun to completely detach from reality.  I love it when the character models are much more than just a different colored human or a just a non-human head  stuck on a human body…
  • There's a page for creating features in our profiles. I guess this is one of them.
  • Originally posted by DragonPHD I've been playing the game a bit, but haven't seen any way to create a shop of sorts, am I missing something? It's been a while since I played, so a lot may be wrong. But you get a free apartment in all the major cit…
  • I haven't experienced too much PVP in the game, but on paper it doesn't seem too bad.  When you die by player or mob you have a chance to drop 1 item. If you are a player killer (red name) and die you drop everything. I haven't seen any skill lose o…
  • There is a FTP option. I'm too lazy to look it up, but if I remember correctly: Free Players: Can play and join tribes, but cannot level any of their skills past 20, possibly a few more restrictions Free Players (who also bought the game): Can sta…
  • This seems like a cute game. I've been looking for something with little to no combat and social (that wasn't pogo.com or similar.). I'm a little older than the target audience, but I'll give it a try.  So far, I've tried a Fishing MMO  that I just …
  • I don't know a bunch about system reqs. I went to that "can you run it" site and found out that my computer was enough for LOTRO, EQ1, EQ2, Wizard and Pirate 101. There may more, those are just the ones that I was into and checked. It's been a while…
  • I used to play with my best friend at the time. We had nothing but time on our hands, and no jobs, kids or responsibility. Those were the days
  • There are a few games that accept bitcoins. A Tale in the Desert accepts it as payment (or did last time i played) and Wurm Online has a coin mining program. Those are just two that I can think of.
    in Bitcoin!? Comment by Realedazed May 2013
  • Ok excuse my newb-ness. I'm new to open PVP games. But why is it that open pvp (with full loot, I guess) have to equal griefing? I read the thread linked to in the article and people keep saying it over and over. The only PVP games that I have exper…
  • I'm a fan of the IRE Games and I've played Lusternia for a long time. I haven't played for a while, but I remember it having tons of PvP. In fact, all of the IREs are focused on PvP and you need a script or really good with triggers, aliases, etc to…
  • I've always liked the idea of FoM. But,  I downloaded and logged in twice and both times I've been met with zero people to talk to. I think I may try again soon, though.
  • I thought it said the 4th before. My memory is terrible, so I thought I remembered it wrong.  I know a guy over at Massively got to play it during alpha, so I was hoping for the best. It looked pretty interesing and I was looking forward to it, too. 
  • There's another called Lime Odyssey that is coming out soon. You can sign up for their CBT now. I'm not sure when it'll be though. But the game seems like it'll be fun.
  • If someone has a spare key, I'd like one, please. Thanks!
  • I played FoM for VERY short time and I think it could have been awesome for RP. It was very empty and I just couldn't do it.  
  • If you like a post-apoc world, I found that Fallen Earth has a decent RP community. http://fallenearth.rp-haven.com/ I'm playing LORTO, also.  I;ve heard there's a great RP community there. So far, I've been pretty immersed in the game and have on…
  • I've been playing alot of Fallen Earth and LOTRO online. I subbed to FE so I could get into a clan and have some restrictions lifted.  I think I may do the same for LOTRO.   I actually like FE since everything is player crafted. I like selling craft…
  • Originally posted by RefMinor This is not the game for you, don't even open threads about it, let it pass you byYup,  I definately will. I actually like the game, though. If I were able to make some progress, like get my homestead or w…
  • Originally posted by Cymdai I tried to like this, but the opening of the game was too pain-staking for me to appreciate. I wandered west for 2 hours, didn't find a stone. I re-rolled a character and walked an hour to the east, didn't find a stone. …