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  • We will be in the Alpha test
  • Thread makes no sense. Best graphics == Best technical performance You cannot base "Best graphics" on subjective things like asthetics. What you wanted to say was "I do not think games look their best when running low resolutions", since that is …
  • Originally posted by noquarter You're spending $6500 to unrar files? I'm guessing you are not much into piracy. But yeah, the overall improvement of the Core i7, makes it the number one choice. If you plan to buy a computer... JUST to play on it,…
  • If I were to build a new PC, I would with not hessitate buying a Core i7. Not only because it's the future, but I could use that extra power when unrar'ing files etc... Plus Triple Channel memory... Oh yeah, 6 or 12gb DDR3 is just going to own in …
  • If I have fun playing it, and enjoy logging on, then it's a succes for me. Sure you can judge a games succes by how well it sells or how many describers it has. But then WoW would be the best MMORPG ever... We won't have that, will we?
  • Originally posted by Bigdavo To every poster here attacking the poster and not the post, each and every single one of you is fucking pathetic. If you have zero defense and absolutely nothing intelligent to say than keep your senseless tripe to yours…
  • If you would do your research please. http://www.nvidia.com/page/gpu_mobo_tech_specs.html It does have a PCI Express slot. Not 2.0, but that doesnt mattter since they arent in his price range. The PSU will do just fine...
  • Don't you hate being able to read morse-code now? Good ol' times with C&C Thanks for the laugh
  • Originally posted by mmorpgmaner   I can play AoC lmao... . Ive been gettin into rated R for a couple years alone now ( oh wow im such a badass)..... So what is the BEST card i can get for my power supply and ect.   ( btw... Luckypotatoes or whatev…
  • Originally posted by Gravarg I think you can blame WoW for this problem.  It's the gaming community that is the problem with MMOs not the games themselves.  I've played all the new MMOs (AoC, WAR, etc) and I liked them all.  Maybe I wasn't devoted t…
  • Originally posted by tbox It depends on how forward thinking and amount of risk they want to take.    Sandbox has gotten popular over the years. I mean look at spore and other simulation games which are close to the core of sandbox idea. Mix that w…
  • Originally posted by Egamst3k Originally posted by luckypotato   Re: OP Try the 9600GT, 8800GT, or 4850. You'll probably get the most bang for your buck out of those (particularly the latter 2). I pity you for living in a country without a p…
  • People are shit. It's the game developers fault if people don't play it. In general people are just total morons. But this is the internet who cares. F*** you
  • Thanks for doing indie MMORPG development. Let's hope this spawn some more studios that might end into commerciel games
  • Too late... The CEO's have already caught the smell of money flow that RMT's will give.
  • is this a joke? I mean... your name, and the stupid criterias you are asking for.
  • Originally posted by megaflux19 much as i love a good mental workout, the OP hasnt responded to anything, so we will most likely never know what the issue was (and it bothers me that is i spell "teh" firefox's spell checker doenst see anything wrong…
  • [quote]Originally posted by megaflux19 [b][quote]Originally posted by Orca [quote]Originally posted by megaflux19 [b][quote]Originally posted by daelnor [quote]Originally posted by megaflux19 [b]um, you dont really think this has anything to do wi…
  • [quote]Originally posted by megaflux19 [b][quote]Originally posted by daelnor [quote]Originally posted by megaflux19 [b]um, you dont really think this has anything to do with your case right? ..just wondering WHY you would include it in your specs…