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  • this game sounds like it's gonna be better then all the others out there!!!
  • Anyone playing Alpha ? If allowed to say, how is it ?
  • As time goes on and newborns of today (the year, not the actual date) become teenagers and adults, and so on. I can see gas just going up and up to the point in about 2050 to $10 USD if not more. *shrugs* just my two cents
  • Originally posted by shae Originally posted by Admin Hello, I just wanted to update you all that we just heard back from Rapid Reality and the grand prize of the contest is now open to residents of North America (US & Canada).  Good luck …
  • Originally posted by pirrg You claim you arent a fanboy yet your thin and in some cases violently retarded arguments are those of a delusional fanboy. Ok, if you want to call me pointing out somethings about the game an argrument, then act lik…
  • Originally posted by pirrg Comparing AO missions to WoW missions is borderline insanity though and leaves me to think you have never played WoW to begin with. Seeing as how I watch G4, probably not the best thing tosay around here but hey. An…
  • Originally posted by grimboj Originally posted by Prideboy Yes, doing missions in Anarchy Online gets boring after awhile You just said the games boring? Your argument is bit thin :P If all you do is missions from level one to level 2…
  • Most likely, I don't know how much money a company can make off ads, but they scored some big ones, They have ads for Fanta and all kinds of coming out soon. As well as Battlestar Galactica
    in Free Comment by Prideboy July 2005
  • While it's not illegal to look at the sites Funcom is able to watch EVERYTHING that goes on in their game most likely through filters and such. And I'm sure they have people watching for sites like that and I guarantee you it'll be shut down withi…
    in A question Comment by Prideboy July 2005
  • money
    in Free Comment by Prideboy July 2005
  • Playstation all the way baby! Why ? because of this: PS3 = backwards coppatability for PS2 and PS1. What this means ? you can still play ALL your old games on the new system....I.E. you don't have to have a PS2 or PS1 to play their games. XBox 3…
  • perhaps this link can help you http://forums.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?t=175515
  • Why not just give it to a friend of yours or something....or al least someone that knows the game ? I dunno what level the chars you have on the account are, but if they go around asking "Where can I go to get money?" they will get reported unless t…
  • I choose other only cause I would play a Monk....I played one before and their cool. I like the bounses they get when they level up. *shrugs*
  • Hi HankyHook those are some good questions, I'll help you out and answer these quest's the best I can. Q: I've noticed in most multiplayer games and MMORPG's when there is a large number of people in one place the area lags all to hell...does this…