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  • The way it works is every character can dps+ either tank or heal. If you really want to tank go for gear for your type tank. To answer your question, skilled tanks are in demand. The instances are no joke! My guess is you don't know what your gett…
  • There is nothing that can not be tolerated as far as bugs inmo. I am hopelessly addicted to this game forever. I spent hours just riding my cycle across the game. It feels like a whole planet. I can't wait to explore more. There is a cave that is …
  • Originally posted by hallucigenocide are those engineer bots still stupidly broken? I don't use them to tank but they seem to work decent as a dps i guess.
  • Originally posted by Dibdabs I know not this "learning curve" of which you speak.  I've been playing the game a few days now, since I bought it cheap in a sale, and it felt like I'd been playing this type of game since 2001 because it all seems so f…
  • I just bought it for $20 on sale. I am currently lvl 15 so I am not sure about the pop but I did get invited to a lvling circle which was pretty big. Circles are a new thing to me. Nice idea/spin on friends list/chat channel combo.  I will say the …
  • It's going to be a good game; you know it is. I don't get the argument that it will be hard to run the game on a server at home and therefore not good. Just rent a good 1. There could be a business opportunity there. But u can mod it so mod it. I …
  • I always liked this game. It is fresh and fps and still gives me that old mmo feeling of interest i had when I played my first mmo. But it had a long beta and raids are really new. Now that there is content this game will be huge only dwarfed by the…
  • Guild wars pay type + sandbox = good idea
  • Originally posted by DamonVile Where you talking to yourself in that thread or did you really find someone else that dumb to play with ? I don't know if you know this but not everyone hates people. I love people and like to have fun.  And sometim…
  • Originally posted by TankYou88 Because you probably suck at the game. That's for me to know and you to find out. The hard way.
  • It's ok. You can use shiny armor, because my friends have snowball launchers to make a blizzard then I will make a snowman out of you while you are frozen. Then rip the cold dead heart from your chest.
  • You better not take my lunch money because I will tell my momy and then burn holes in you with my rainbow lasers of doom! Suck on that Jack.
  • Originally posted by 5Luck See this is one of those threads that I can honestly say is ruining MMOs.   The main thing here is while your exploring mobbing or questing your not as social.   But When I am out banging rocks yea know what I am…
  • Originally posted by Foomerang   Originally posted by xycrone Originally posted by Foomerang   Originally posted by xycrone # 1) is the gathering fun and are you spending too much time doing gathering when you rather be fighti…
  • I think the SWG system was great and had a bit of set and forget but having to make another character just for crafting was not fun for me. For me you can not beat Dragon Prophet for gathering. You can go out and farm and you can train up dragons t…
  • Originally posted by Foomerang   Originally posted by xycrone # 1) is the gathering fun and are you spending too much time doing gathering when you rather be fighting?   # 2) Can pvp players afford to do pvp and/or make enough money a…
  • Originally posted by Foomerang I enjoy gathering in mmos because it gets you out into the gameworld, you interact with the environment without combat, you provide a service to fellow players, and you are the nuts and bolts of the game's economy. For…