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  •  A Clan made by White Americans for White Americans. Large Clan site loaded with resources, White Humor, Member Photos, Active Forums, History, etc. http://www.kkk.** ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • 1.No 2.No 3.No 4.No 5.No 6.No 7.No 8.No 9.No 10.No ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People - I love that book, I know it sounds corny but it really changed my life. ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • The poll is just something extra for myself, like you said, there's no way I could have listed every city. You guys need to chill ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • -The Invisibles -Catcher In The Rye -Robin Hobb -Andrew Vachss -Neal Gaimen -1984 -Will Shetterly -Stephen Brust especially To Reign in Hell  -Fight Club -Rubyfruit Jungle -Mark Twain -Voltaire -Tolkein -Ann Bishop -The Fall ----------------…
  • Actually I forgot New Orleans. As for Texas, well, I would never live outside of Austin. Why did you pick Cairo? ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • Originally posted by dback618 Maybe if you learned how to analyze a sentence and learn its meaning? Then apply it to the circumstance and figure out just what the hell people are really saying instead of what you imagine they're saying? EDIT…
  • 1. Tell us your all time favorite city/cities 2. Pick a favorite from this list There are only liberal, "beatnik" cities on the list. ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • Maybe you guys should read the question again ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • I disagree, I think the models look great! I hated the EQI models, large foreheads and dresses. I'm thinking about becoming an Erudite after seeing them. ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • Mountain Dew Bush or Kerry? ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
    in This or That Comment by Square July 2004
  • As long as it doesn't take away from other content I'd rather see attractive avatars. I mean, look at the females from Warhammer  ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • How can you leave out Neocron and Lineage II?! ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • Also, what are the most played and the least played archetypes? ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • Okay, let me narrow the search. I want a game with French or Dutch servers and preferably a low retail price (I don't care about subscription fees) ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
    in Hey there Comment by Square June 2004
  • I prefer the new classes, I think they sound better. It would makes sense if they switched shadow gladiator with bladedancer, though, and changed the human bladedancer back to warlord. ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • Misti, that chart has classes that are different from those listed on the lineage II website (http://www.lineage2.com/Knowledge/race_human.asp) ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • I think it depends on on the class. My trainer said something about going to a castle and doing a quest. ----------------------- It's hip to be square.
  • Servers are down for about an hour, you pick your sub class at level 20. Edit: ...and again at level 40 Edit x2: why the hell is this in off topic? silly murt... ----------------------- It's hip to be square.