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  • I give you 2 for your efforts. I am truly impressed at all you've accomplished so far. Love the clock and calendar on your website.
  • I've read the technical specs. and I see nothing that makes it worth what they're charging for it. Sony, in typical fashion is putting the screws to consumers by over- charging for new products and again shafting unsuspecting suckers into shelling …
  • Originally posted by Psyklon Gathering of the trolls..or is it one ..we will never know. fascinating Instead of being so lazy why don't you open your eyes and actually read? Since when is posting opinions about a game we love trolling? Talk about …
  • This sounds like a truly fine game. I will be checking it out.
  • You could try Eternal Lands. It's free and has some interesting aspects to it.
  • Originally posted by crazguerilla =D yay zani, dont worry, there not complete idiots, they just need to find there ashen empire soul, i bet it stuck in the rune spire like barb's urn ;P I would love to see some of these people last long enough to m…
  • Originally posted by crazguerilla yo bitey go bite yourself ;o you guys dont play this game do yah? no you dont, get over yourselfs 8) i play it, and im addicted for a reason, its a beast, lets just face it. we arent hyping it up ;o and i might be o…
  • Originally posted by Malicus Chorsery you come here sign up and insult the community time and again. Not only this but you have to plug a secondrate game every chance you get. And you wonder why we cant take you seriously? Funny how you twisted th…
  • Originally posted by Chorsery As to prices, I stand corrected. Still after shelling out a good chunk of change just to buy the game, $15 a month is too steep. But that's a value judgement on my part. Others find it worth it and more power to them. …
  • Originally posted by Kiamde If you are looking for other "child friendly" mmos, try Second Life, Toontown, Ragnorok Online, and Fairyland. Second Life does not even permit anyone under 18 to play.  Toontown is fun and Fairyland is too but a bi…
  • Originally posted by Volkmar Well, judging from the screenshots (and i know it is not a good judge), that is a 2d game with similar graphic as diablo. so here is the list of better graphic games: Thank you for that qualifying statement. At lea…
  • I would think that such a game, if it existed, would fall in the category of historical rpg. It would make for a great suggestion though. I would love to see more historical games released.
  • Originally posted by Psyklon ah yes the old " I am a psychic seer from that other forum" ploy. Since you seem to know how long I played for and exactly what experience I had I have decided to email you my password so that you oh wise one can write …
  • Wow all that from a 10 minutes play? You really must be good......NOT!!! From your claims about abusive staff, I know you're lying and that you did not give the game a fair chance. But then I knew from your original post on the subject that you had …
  • For an old machine like you're describing, I would recommend Tibia. It's a free game with some pay elements in it. The URL for it is this http://www.tibia.com/home/index.php?subtopic=news. It has a hug e community and many servers to choose from.