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  • Yes and yes,   Fair friendly like in any other game I guess, you always have nice people and bad people. And when you post on forum you have a fast response too.   Try it out !
  • It will be up soon, probably updating some stuff.
  • Because you don't have to open the game to change that.
    in Error Comment by awesomo August 2008
  • Tried running it in window mode ?
    in Error Comment by awesomo August 2008
  • It's pointless asking if this game is good, some will say yes some will say no. To know for sure if this game is good you should just download it and play it. And it's worth it if you ask me...
  • Very good now that it's free ! Really, play it people, it's awesome
  • I just advise you to download the game and play it. Believe me it's worth it. It may seem for kids but it's lots of fun. Cool items, shiny weapons when you upgrade them, drive in cars/castle gears, and more. Play it !
  • I like this game more than WoW. Enough said ?
  • Try to find your answer here: http://www.roseonlinegame.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=59588&posts=28 and if you look at the last post you'll see there's a link, it may also contain your answer. You can normally fix it, and I would rea…
    in Error Comment by awesomo August 2008
  • (Taken from poster Pteppic: http://www.roseonlinegame.com/forum/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=59588&posts=28 ) Rose does work under vista, but in some cases you have to compromise to get it to run correctly. The closing after char select problem …
  • Oh okay, thank you. I'll start downloading I guess.
  • Thank you for the reply's, they were usefull. But there's one thing I don't understand. What are AOE's ? The only thing I can make with that is Age of Empires which isn't probably that what you are meaning. Thx  
  • I'm just saying what I think of this game. But I'm not saying this game is bad, it's actually pretty cool but it has his ups and downs. It's definitely worth downloading.
  • No I mean: If you compare a spear to a knuckle or something. A lvl 1 knuckle bought in the shop has more speed and less damage than a spear lvl 1 bought in the shop. But the spear's speed is not much lower than the knuckle and the damage is way high…
  • Hi, here's what I can tell you.   1. I don't know what u mean. 2. Nope but same level weapons do which sucks. 3. Haven't seen any player in the game who use bots. 4. You can't talk about an economy in this game. Too little amound of player…
  • I think so too. I played tons of other mmorpg's but none of them have had me going like MU Online. The only other game that can compete with MU Online is R.o.s.e. Online. But not anymore since there is a too little amount of beginner players.
  • Some players do ask alot of money for some beginner items like 2 000 000 + for dragon armor +3 +12 but then again if you really want the item you can find it at the price of 600 000. At least I did quite some time.
  • You didn't activate your account.
  • First letter should be Capital letter. For example: "Muplayer" and not "muplayer". Your nick can't consist of any unusual characters like this ^. Also make sure your ccount is proparly activated. If it still doesn't work you'd better post your probl…
    in Name! Comment by awesomo July 2007
  • If you will play on free 2 play servers you have to be a hardcore gamer I think because you level up slow. But if you play on P2P servers there aren't any downsides I think.