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  • Here's my top ten reasons why I don't like gaming with under 21 players.  And I raise the bar to 21, because I find that these days most 20 year olds are just as pathetically and hopelessly immature and clueless as 18 year olds. (1) Incessant whin…
  • After reading this thread, I must ask... What, then, is the end-game?  Seriously, is it raiding large dungeons?  Or are there other components to the game that are unique to LOTRO?
  • C'mon... you forgot the biggest pro of all... WE GET TO PLAY FAIRIES!!!  YESSSS!!!  WOOOT! Finally, developers realize what all of us MMORPG players have wanted for a long time... the opportunity to be a a kick-arse, warhammer-weilding Fairy!  Can…
    in Pros and Cons Comment by DrSaw May 2006
  • Guilds are definitely useful from day 1 of WoW. For example... my guild, Tortmented Dreams, is playing on the Runetotem server which is relatively new. Practically all of us are under level 40, so we're all going through equipment rapidly and grin…
  • It is 5:30pm eastern time and the forums are down and a number of servers are still down. Hell, their realm status page doesn't even work. Blizzard amazes me sometime. Who in the right mind agreed to a server setup that would require almost an en…
  • Originally posted by SuperZwerver Believe me... you got a long way to go. After you reach 6000 you got another bar to fill up, you'll need 12000 rep for that one. And then, after you're done with that one, you got another 24000 rep to fill up. Goo…
  • What is better is always subjective, as you know. I joined DAOC before I started playing WoW regularly. I don't remember what level I made it to, but it was maybe level 20 or near there. I joined a guild and had interaction with others, so I got …
  • I'm on Proudmoore, which is supposedly full, and I've never had to queue. I'm curious, how long are you guys having to wait to play?
  • I enjoyed reading your review. It is a pleasant change to find someone that can articulate their thoughts using "the King's English" rather than "l33t-speak." I too have played a number of different MMORPGs and have enjoyed them most when I could…
  • Testing
    in Sig Check Comment by DrSaw January 2006
  • Again, check.
    in Sig Check Comment by DrSaw January 2006
  • Test again.
    in Sig Check Comment by DrSaw January 2006
  • Join a guild composed of older gamers, ala Thorns of Gold on Proudmore.  We're part of www.TheOlderGamers.com.  This is a great guild, very helpful and mature. But I agree, the young-lings can really make this game difficult to enjoy at times.  Th…
  • Ultimusxxx... our resident archeologist.
  • Wow. I program in seven computer languages, grew up using 8-bit machines, and used to build/repair computers as a side job in high school. I thought my score would be much, much higher. I guess the fact that I have a life destroys my hopes of bei…
  • Originally posted by Doomsayer NEWSFLASH: None of us are cool! If you think you are cool, you are just living in denial. If you know you are cool, see the above statement. We are all nerds, geeks, dorks, etc. I don't care if you are a 6'5, 275 lb to…
  • I've been there, brother. It landed me in the hospital for a week on a morphine IV pump and I ultimately had to go for surgery. Ugh. Horrible memories. Just don't stay on the narcs any longer than you have to! Those suckers are seriously addic…
    in Kidney Stones Comment by DrSaw June 2005
  • This thread is a month old (almost), yet still no message board. MMORPG.com... what do you think? Saw.
  • Originally posted by tanktastic After playing some 2 months of WOW I noticed my moods swinging from excitment to downright misery. Unfortunately the misery was starting to predominate and I thought it would be wise to seek medical help. The doctor…
  • The Knights of Suramar now have a webpage through GUILDUNIVERSE. Click the following link to visit: The Knights of Suramar