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  • I'm really excited to see if this game will satisfy my MMORPG addiction! I would really appreciate a key!
  • Originally posted by bansan I played a month and a half, and I found that I was only excited to see how much money I had made on the market each day.  I made about a billion ISKs, but like I spent all of my playing time adjusting prices/supplies, pi…
  • Got 3 21-day trials to give away. Even if you don't want to subscribe to the game, but would just like to try the game out, you are free to pm me with your e-mail adress and I'll send you one. Cheers.
  • I'm playing a ranger right now. Currently lvl 20.   At levels 1 - 15 you are really underpowered. Your DPS doesn't come close to other classes, but of course you can still safely kite mobs. At lvl 16 your DPS starts to improve a LOT with Arrow…
  • Can't really blame the game for having people discover stuff like that on their own. If you'd have teleported twice on different levels, you should have noticed the change of will required. Though if you do actually want everything chewed out for yo…
  • Originally posted by eight675309  No, the game is stupid easy. It's just that they don't give you any information on anything. It's like walking into calculus class and your professor saying "you guys know algebra and trig, so you guys can just go a…
  • I guess the MMO games became popular for the reason the world doesn't exlusively exist of non-playing characters. Interaction with other people for the reason to trade, group/exp, form guilds and pvp with keep a games lifetime up a lot longer than a…
    in Newbie Comment by Xebec February 2009
  • There you go. Wasted another 10 mins of my life, but I hope I've helped you with your project.   Now please go grab me a cup of coffee and make me a sandwich.
  • Atlantica online is a good game. However I'm not sure if I'd pay a monthly fee for the game.   I've played Atlantica since the closed beta untill a month ago. The turn based style of action is a good break from the regular MMO's. It's very strai…
  • I've had my share of both Pay 2 Play and Free 2 Play games in the past. At the moment I'm down to just playing F2P games untill something I find really worth my time and money comes along.   I started out by playing Pay 2 Play games. How was tha…
  • Insane. Wonder if it's really worth the investment though.
  • I like free to play more.   Sure Free to Play game come with an item mall where you can buy all nice goodies like lvling packs that make you grind twice as fast etc, but who cares? Most of the items being sold in an item mall are tradable, so yo…
  • My dream MMO?   Easy. That would be a free version of EVE Online
  • Originally posted by lkavadas Nah, these guys are nuts.  OGame is the biggest and best by far and it truly is massive.  BattleDawn is pretty sweet too. Isn't that some kind of Planetarion clone?   How I so loved those tick-based games years …
  • The game is nice and such, but it's so not worth paying for.   I liked the game a lot more before Blitz sold his school project, and then I'm not even talking about the fees.
    in WIPE! Comment by Xebec September 2007
  • 2moons ain't bad, 9dragons ain't bad, RF online ain't bad...   Ehmm... Sword of the New World is nice, but with the entire server being afk, it's more of an AFK-based game than skill based.   It's hard to tell you what the 'best' free mmorpg…
  • I'm looking for the exact same thing. I'm not sure if there is a neat game like this out there though...
  • Haven't played it yet. The screenshots look decent, but not superb. Also I have to agree to the comment posted above. Item shops stink. Doubt that I'll ever try this one.
  • There is no 'best' mmo that I have ever played. There are however games that required me to stay hooked longer than others, but that doesn't mean the game is better. For instance I really enjoyed playing Biosfear. The game itself is crap. It's real…
  • Another winner here. Woohoo 
    in 9 dragon Comment by Xebec October 2006