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  • Originally posted by tordurbar Just saw the new Blood Elf female models on MMO-Champion. Cheers to the "get rid of big chest" lovers. Blood Elf females are now all A-cup. WTF???   Have you never seen a woman's breasts before? I'm guessing no if…
  • Originally posted by BillMurphy  Just because a game is fun and I'm enjoying it, doesn't mean it automatically gets an 8 or higher.  I played Defiance for several months straight but still gave it a 6.6.  We have categories, and we rate each…
  • Originally posted by Pyuk That blog post pretty much reinforces all my gripes & predictions about ESO from day 1. Well thought out blog, imo, without sounding bitter.  He played the game for 9 months doing literally everything and reaching max…
  • WTF? How is the starter experience broken? Holy hell are some of you real drama queens. Having to talk to an NPC that is going to be right in front of your face to go back makes it broken?
  • Originally posted by etharn I honestly wonder what the developers of ESO are thinking with all this negativity towards their game. I mean every single topic about ESO I seen has someone bashing it in some way or another. If I was a developer of E…
  • Originally posted by Wicoa Good for you I hope games continue to make enough money to pay actors outrageous fee's which are not passed onto consumers. How much is an Eso box again with a subscription? No can't be interlinked. The same exact cost a…
  • Originally posted by otacu Conspiracies! Consipracies everywhere! "They don't like MY game! How can it be? There MUST be something fishy going on..." Or "they like a game I don't like! There MUST be something fishy going on those corrupt bastar…
  • Originally posted by Dulu My point is, why is it all of a sudden a game like ESO, which I thoroughly enjoy and think is so much better than anything that has released in years, is getting such terrible reviews, while games which almost no one enjoye…
  • Originally posted by Kiyoris Originally posted by SuperNick Sounds like a lot more involved than "I made a few negative comments and got perma banned!". You're the victim though so it's bound to sound in your favor. Read what it says, the …
  • The only thing that's disgusting are your lies.    I and plenty of people have voiced concerns and opinions that are not favorable in various aspects of the game. Why are we still allowed to post? Oh that's right. We weren't rude, harassing toward…
  • I can't even use their alpha forums =/
  • I see. So I have to register for beta seperately. The process is very confusing lol. Thank you. I get it now. Much appreciated buddy.