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  • This is absolutely monumental   I'm shocked a company would actually offer anything this awesome, good work Acclaim!
  • Ok I'd just like to say that the reason I found the two KoTOR games so compelling was because of their deep story, which centralised around you. This would not be workable in an MMO. The combat was nothing special, and in fact in an MMO it would…
  • Ryzom is quite a good title. It's certainly a niche game, however a lot of people like it. Also, a hella lotta people on the MMORPG.com ratings just play on the game for an hour go "GREAT"and then rate everything 10/10. So don't loose sleep over the…
  • Haha. Totally. The 'Game description' for Maple story on this webiste is intersting/decieving/load of bollocks: "At Maple World, hunting and engaging in battles are not the only options you'll have. You can explore a totally new and unknown…
  • I'd say botters and hackers are still a problem, they always will be unless the staff are actually proactive in banning them. As for people starting at level 60, I dunno, never heard of that. But there are certainly bot programs plaguing the servers…
  • Originally posted by Suitepee What about Ultima ONLINE? Since there were 9 offline Ultima games before hand, it makes sense that they added an 'Online' to the title so that players would buy the game, knowing it would be played online.
  • Originally posted by vortigen7 Originally posted by Drashan *Warhammer ONLINE: Age of reckoning. Therefore it fails. Actually this game title does not fail. On the contrary, it's probably a game with one of the more accurate uses of the word…
  • *Warhammer ONLINE: Age of reckoning. Therefore it fails.
  • Originally posted by vortigen7 Of course this would not be the BEST name for a game, but it does have a certain ring to it: "Korean Grindfest." Korean Grindfest: online, would be tonnes better. But it sounds like a really interesting game, w…
  • Check this thread out Try some of those out, the ones who's descriptions you like the sound of. It's quite dated now, but a lot of the advertisements on mmorpg.com are for free-to-play games so click on them an try them out. With free-to-play game…
  • and what would road rash online... consist of?
  • Originally posted by Blck_Panther Mmmhmmn... I'm kinda going off my own topic here :O but.... that smiley... is great.. I mean how spazzed does it want to be?  
  • Originally posted by brownhacker For me, the best mmo is Dungeon and Dragon Online: Stormreach because it is very Unique- you can  Create a unique individual with millions of different combinations of looks, skills, stats, feats, races, and classes…
  • Exactly, the website seems very un proffesional, and whilst the screenshots are quite pretty, the graphics are quite inferior to a lot of games. Also, the listed concepts are unoriginal, and, quite frankly, unapealing. I don't want to permenantly di…
  • Hmmn yea I suppose. I've just never realised that it was a problem actually... I mean there are shit loads of these 'Pay for virtual cash sites'... I never thought they could be trashing the WoW economy so I guess it ain't a big problem. Also than…
  • Originally posted by Ithuriel Smedley Agonizes in Eternal Fiery Torment Online, aka SAEFTO.  Think it would appeal to wide audience. Totally, but swap the Eternal and the Fiery to make SAFETO. People will flock to it with a name like that. …