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  • I haven't ever played Fate, but I have played Diablo.  I can tell you this, Mythos is A LOT like Diablo in many ways...  It's fun though, and I enjoy it. Edit:  I should probably describe it more...  There is a big city (I'm not sure if it's the o…
  • Originally posted by chaintm wow no one has said the obvious in the article and or remarks after, maybe because looking at yourself in a mirror is hard to do when you know the reason is..................................   BRAGGING RIGHTS!   lol t…
  • Originally posted by Kielbasa Lmao...go play Maple Story.     [url=http://profile.xfire.com/swedisherotica][img]http://miniprofile.xfire.com/bg/bg/type/0/swedisherotica.png[/img][/url] Maple Story's still accepting new sign-up's?  Well, if the…
  • I really enjoyed the game, up until I got hacked.  I just didn't enjoy it enough to build up my character from scratch.
  • Yeah, that's a good point though...  You definately have to try logging on at wierd hours of the day in order to get in.  The really annoying thing is, probably 60% of the people who are logged on are afk leaving their shops open.  (Which I admit, a…
  • Originally posted by sdoughty guild wars, this game is seriously worth sending away for the cd, Toughest rater in the world Try to impress me, please, i dare u What other mmorpgs have you tried but not liked?
  • If you're looking for free, you might want to try Planshift.  I think the website is www.planeshift.it.  The creators' premise is that they want a 3D mmorpg that's free.  I have to warn you though, it's still in development and it's pretty buggy at …
  • I used to play conquer for a while, but I got tired of it pretty quick.  (I was a lvl 40 archer or something like that.  There weren't enough quests in it, or at least not enough interesting ones.) I used to play MuOnline for a long time, until I …
  • I thought that MuOnline was strangely addictive.  But the concept of the game was pretty repetitive.  Kill things, level up, kill bigger things, rinse repeat.  I got up to level 25 or something like that, but then there was a slew of accounts that g…