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  • I have a PNY 6800 GT, 2.2Ghz Pentium4, and 1 gig of ram with a cable modem. I have been playing EQ2 for about a week now and it runs great. I haven't had any lag at all. The graphics look good, expecially the water. You shouldn't have any problems …
  • AE is saying 48 hours, but this doesn't include any testing of the consolidated servers that might need to be done. So my best guess is about 72 hours.
  • They are going through a major revamp of the game. They are merging the servers down to two. They are adding alot of new monsters, up to level 120, new resources( which are guarded by the monsters ). They are adding new buildings and new npc's lik…
  • There is a 7 day free trial. Just download it and try the game before you buy it. You can find out for yourself what the dragons are like in the game.
  • I believe that the reavers make the best melee class. They seem to be able to dish out a lot of damage. Paladins make a good solo class. They can heal themselves, cast buffs, and do some decent damage to mobs.
  • They have been introducing a lot of new things into the game recently. I have always complained that the game gets boring after level 60. But it looks like they are finally putting in some higher level content into the game. They have put in such t…
  • I would only recommend this game if you are looking for something to keep you busy for a couple of months. Most people seem to like the game at first, but run out things to do after a while. The game is lacking in content at higher levels.
    in well? Comment by whitelizard July 2004
  • I have been playing Horizons for about seven months now and the biggest problem I see with the game is lack of content at higher levels. I did have fun playing this game at lower levels, but at about level 60 the game starts to get boring. I have se…
  • Holding down the third mouse button lets you change the viewing angle with your mouse.
    in Camera Comment by whitelizard March 2004
  • All of the severs have about the same populations, except for blight, it always has low populations on that server. If you can get high enough in level try to find golems to fight. They have the best treasure in the game.
  • I have a pentium 4 2.2 Ghz with gforce4 and 1024Mb of system ram and a cable modem. I haven't had any lag while playing horizons at all. I have turned the graphics down to low settings, and the game runs perfectly smooth. I have seen a lot of peop…
  • I have heard that you can make a building and put a consigner in it. If this is true, do you get the 10% fee for selling items for other players?
  • I have see some cheep lots of land north of dalimond. Some were a little as 79 silver.
  • Is the program still compressed? Try unzipping the program and then running it.
  • Are you sure? I thought my character had been deleted. I thought that my character had been delete because it didn't show in the window that said play now anymore. But when I selected user and then clicked on my displayed name, then my character fin…
    in Omg Comment by whitelizard December 2003
  • They have stated in interviews that they intentionally left the content out of the beta. They are testing the content on a server in house. It they are true to their word, then there should be alot of content in the game from the start. We will have…
  • It has been said that the Spiritists makes the best solo class. Spiritists has good healing and buff spells as well as spells that can hurt the enemy. Any character that can heal themselves will probably make a good solo class. It is less important …
  • It takes more than just time to become an adult dragon, from what I have read!
  • It is going to be difficult to tell if this game is any good or not based on the beta tester's opinions. The beta testers aren't seeing the whole game. They are testing the content of the game inhouse. The beta testers are currently doing little mor…
  • I am mainly trying to see if the races will be evenly populated or if everyone will go to dragon class!