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I am currently a highschool student interested in gaming and programming. I have been programming a new MMORPG for the past half year and am about to release it. I aslo spend time playing soccer.


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  • Sorry, something must have been wrong with me forgetting the url! http://www.forgottencreatures.com If you want to play you will have to apply to the beta testing as I do not want an ecessive amount of people playing, although everyone is being …
    in New Game Comment by FCreature June 2004
  • lol thanks, i warn you once you sign up you can't do everything until the next reset (which happens at 12) A new MMORPG is coming your way!
  • so what does everyone think? A new MMORPG is coming your way!
  • ok everyone!!!! Today is your lucky day  I have just decided to let you guys have a "sneak peak" to my game. Its not even in beta yet but probaly will be in a matter of days (probaly when I finish up the battle engine). So if you want a sneak peak t…
  • no, im using wizards as a race.......each race has its ups and downs and ofcource wizards have one of the hughest magic stat..... but you can still raise your magic stats doing certain things in the game so even if you choose Knight you can get magi…
  • yes there is typos ....i havent finished proof reading it yet. Lets see the races are dwarf, elf, fairy, goblin, knight, and  wizards. Once you choose a race you choose an element of your character...you can be fire, water, or earth. Im not sure o…
  • Well my game includes classses, races, and spells! You do also look for "demons" to kill as it follows the plot.... its got all the basics like gold, and exp too. Here is the current story line....You can or cannot follow it though a series of quest…
  • I do plan on it being "kick-ass"....as for the grpahics they cost money and i can;t get any until i get some donations....or until i get a friend that is a graphic artist A new MMORPG is coming your way!
  • yep a MUD :-) A new MMORPG is coming your way!