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  • I just read about this on neowin and decided to come here cuz i figured it would be posted. I remember my FFXI days.  Started playing in beta and then went on for almsot 3 years.  Playing day and night, night and day...lol.  AHH those were the day…
  • Personally I loved Star Trek Bridge Commander.  I remember playing that game for hours apon hours and days apon days when it came out.  Joining a fleet and having "wars".  Ahhh that was fun.
  • im surprised people still play this game.  i had stopped playing years ago cuz for whatever reason all of a sudden my video card apparently was messing up the game and causing it to crash as soon as i would get in the game.  never had that problem b…
  • I love all that blue color in space and on the station.  Makes me want to live there right now
  •   Originally posted by Stradden I'd like to take a second to reply here. I just wanted to remind everyone that there was a nomination round of voting in which members were able to vote for virtually any game on our list, in any category. The …
  • Seriously this "voting" is a joke.  I don't know who made up the rules for this but you guys need to sit down and rethink them.  Horrible, just horrible! First off, how can EVE Online, which came out in 2003, be even in the run for best graphics o…
  • Although pre-searing is a very nice place to look at, it's a small area and really has no point to lvl to 20 in it.
  • LOL.... Does it really matter what color your bag is?
  • Each chapter also has skills/spells that you won't find in other chapters.  So having all the chapters linked together gives you the most skills/spells possible.
  • Once you are banned I doubt you can get it back.  Tell your friend to buy you a whole new game.
  • Guys please be aware that if you used an AOL email addy, AOL severs have blocked them for the amount of emails that they sent out that one week.  So for the time being if you used an AOL email addy, well your just out of luck till they work it out w…
  • While playing the PVE event they had I found being a mesmer sub and using phantom illusions helped drain HP quicker along with my dev skills. But I'm going to be a Paragon anyway.  I like them alot.
  • Originally posted by Praor Hey gang Anyone who has tried it, can ya give a lil info on the pvp part. I was reading where you can take npc's now into it. What are the limits and such to it ? Here's some help again for you.  If you take the tim…
  • Originally posted by Xzaro If you got a speeding ticket, is there any room for you to "discuss the matter"? No. I don't think so. The Police enforces the rules, but they cannot catch everyone. Mods enforce the rules here, but they aren't machines …
  • Originally posted by Samuraisword I agree. There are some threads in off topic complaining about the recent increase in bans and the apparent inconsistent way they are applied. It's somewhat disrespectful to issue a ban or warning, not to sign you…
  • Originally posted by Praor Actually yes since your not mature enough to handle any topic......you might want to start figuring out why your gonna be banned here momentarily.....err anything else you need ? You know what.   Your the one that ca…
  • Doesn't matter what they do to HA.   I can't stand going into that area, shouting to join a group for hours, and in the end not even find a group because everyone there is so picky about what class you are and what skills you must use. Oh and let'…
  • Originally posted by Praor I don't understand your reply. Since I am not familier with Guild Wars and factions is the second installment............maybe just " Maybe" Arena Net might put both together.....like I said maybe as part of a collector…
  • Originally posted by Praor Does anyone know if  " Factions Collectors Edition " comes with Prophecies as well ? Why would you think that it would?  I don't understand that.
  • DnL was a disaster back before SoG.  I was so glad to get my money back once I saw the crap of SoG.  They took what could have been a great game and made it into nothing.