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Game - Granado Espada Family Name - Strath (Remni, Savannah, Astal, Lyral) Clan - SeraphElite (Owner, looking for members)


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  • I've got quite a few for you guys now of the lvl 1-20 zones. Also.. 56K WARNING!! vvvv    I got some with some pretty good poses too     vvvv There, that's all of em so far! I love those last two. Anyone n…
  • Now see, while this is a bad idea to do by youself, if you're grouped with another party or two, then the auto-patrolling works a bit better in the harder areas. Granted it'll take longer to level at that point, but with three groups, you can have a…
  • Gimme about a day and I'll try to have some nice screenshots up as well. I've taken a few already, but there's a couple prized ones I really wanna get.
  • Yeah, the only lag I've ever experienced so far is when nearing the shop zones in the towns. I think I've had an occasional short slowdown when there are like 20+ monsters on the screen, but I already know that's because of my graphics card. I'm ver…
  • I've got the game now and I'm definitely planning on being talkative. It's kinda hard for me to play ANY game and not be.
  • Strath is my family name, so far I've got Remni and Savannah as Elementalists, and Astal as a Wizard.
  • Well soon as I get the game up and running, I've already decided what my main group is gonna be. Elementalist - Wizard - Elementalist   I've always been big on magic-using in any game I play, because it's normally the most challenging to star…
  • Hey guys, I've got a better stop for you guys to be able to download from, as most of those direct links they have on the site REALLY suck. This one is from a Euro location, but it'll work for US too. Also, don't be surprised if you won't be able to…