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  • Thanks for all the responses, looks like I'll give SWTOR a go. And to those that asked, I really don't know what I'm looking for in an mmo at this point, it used to be raiding but I didn't want to pigeonhole the responses since there are any number …
  • Depends what you like. A lot of niche mmos coming especially from korea, but I like raiding so the only mmo I have to look forward to is EQNext.
  • Originally posted by nariusseldon (1) is not even true. In WOW, early dungeons (after L10) gives MUCH better loot (in fact, you get a blue item just by completing) and faster xp. In DCUO, there are QUESTS in the quest chain that introduces you to …
  • Originally posted by Zippy There are only 3 supported progression raiding MMOs presently EQ2, Rift and WoW.  One might add TOR to the list but I do not see any serious raiding guilds playing it.  One could also add EQ1 to this list but it doe snot h…
  • Originally posted by DJJazzy plenty of raid games out there, hardly dead Then by all means please list them, I'm definitely interested in any I haven't looked into already. Seems to be a pattern of many MMO's to start calling 10 mans 'raiding' to…
  • How is the raiding in it? I read Global Agenda was similar to Neocron, which I loved Neocron, so I gave that a shot and got to lvl 30 before I realized it was just Tribes with a join queue and minor PvE aspects with a city, if you want to call it th…