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  • Originally posted by Finbar Exploration is great. One of my favorite things to do. In games or otherwise. TOR however is on rails. It is highly limited in geographic scope. Not an explorable environment... Unfotunatly. As far as a great Staw Wars…
  • Originally posted by xenogias That video proves absolutly nothing. Not being a "fanboy" here if there is a problem I would love to see it fixed. If you are trying to prove a bug that lets you move faster its best to do it in a straight line in a …
  • Originally posted by Pheace Read something about this on the beta leaks forums before. I'd *assume* this would be fixed by now?   The video says its from yesterday Hope they get it sorted.
  • I agree completely on the scaleability - wish i had thought of it myself. I really hope they implement it.
  • Swordmaster is a great tank - I play one in beta with sword and board and I really enjoy it.
  • I'll be starting on EU servers, but if GOA mess it up, I will seriously consider moving. Thats what I didi with Daoc.
  • Originally posted by jaycee2006 Just a few things I noticed, howcome the squig gets bigger as it gets hit, and then eats the herder, and the favourite part of the trailer for me is the marauder/shadow warrior fight, but I noticed, the shadow warr…
  • A very well written post that almost echos my own experiences. I was distinctly underwhelmed with the first few levels, then I hit my first PQ and RvR and I was hooked.  
  • yes to both
  • Please dont take this as a crticisim as English may well not be your first language - but its a guide not a guild.   Nice read all the same.
  • Hi - I play a swordmaster on beta and enjoy it very much. In fact so much so that I will be playing one on release. I should say that this is however not a class for everyone. You are a tank and you have your role to play -  this is not a 1 or 2 s…
  • Originally posted by sabiosu it's me or still no way or place to stick my CE keys for beta ?   You are quite right - still so space for codes.
  • It is i am looking at it now - you will aslo see that Warhammer Alliance posts also confirm. Please clear your cash and f5.   Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing new on it.
  • Its up!
  • Hi, yes you will be able to do the other parts of the destiny quest, just skips that particular portion. Still its a shame. I tried again yesterday on a new toon and it worked fine. So maybe its fixed.
    in Quest Help Comment by infinitum May 2008
  • I assume you are referring to the part of the quest where you speak to Renton. This is unfortumately a known bug in the mage destiny quest. It happened on one of my characters and I was forced to go back to the trainer in the inn and skip it. Havi…
    in Quest Help Comment by infinitum May 2008
  • I have a lvl38 Hox, and my take on the subject is that there instancing throughout the game... BUT... its nothing like Tortage! Once you leave the starting area the zones are very large and throughout my time in early access i have been checking t…
  • No they will not ship it - will have to download. Thats what i'm waiting for now on Funcom site   I bought eu pre-order and eu balance, but you can get eu balance later if you wish. eu pre-order gets you the early acces code and mammoth.   I…
  •   Originally posted by Smikis since game co uk shafted lots of ppl it seems, and didnt gave us early acess.. any other place where i can preorder in europe? dont tell me funcom.. thats so overpriced..  i would rather skip game than pay 2x for g…
  • Well today is the day... at least its supposed to be. I know its still early, but I'm at GMT+4 and cant help but wonder if the Game early access keys will really go out to us today. Before I saw  the link on their website, I had contacted customer…