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  • WOAH MAN SHULDNT BE HATING ON NARUTO. And I play'd domo or a few seconds and like... I did the first few quest and thought to my self: This game sucks. So I logged off and uninstalled it. This game isn't my type and apparently, not the type of gam…
  • I want to play this game but it showed me 4 different downloads and most of them didnt finish within 12 hours.... I dont think this is worth the wait... Just for some game
  • Originally posted by Torvaldr Originally posted by Mimzel Hmm so what you are saying is that F2P games are lesser games than other games we play? So we shouldnt expect so much from them, eh? Well, I would agree except our genre is now littered wi…
  • Aeria games has allot more games than just Eden Eternal. They have allot of stuff to do and they are trying to fit in Eden Eternal as much as they can. Now atm the lvl cap is lvl 55, the zumi race is out(mouse), warlock is out, territory wars are ou…
  • Sadly, kitsu saga failed, I was really wanting to play kitsu saga. I learned about kitsu saga after I got bored of Eden Eternal. Anyways, gf is a fun game, graphics culd be better(Compared to other games) I think the lvling culd be a bit easier, the…
  • Originally posted by yujitea i ve been play this game for 1 year, this game is kinda fun but thats only on mid lvl or i  can say the 3rd class. after reach 4th class (lvl66) the unbalance system blow the game with over powered weapon/gear n failed d…
  • Eden Eternal is a nice and fun enviroment that kids AND adults might enjoy. After the latest update of the warlock class and the raise of lvl cap, it has been often laggy. I'm a higher lvl in eden eternal and the combat speed stays the same as you g…
  • I've been playing eden eternal for a while now and I've also been playing other aeria games. I havent spent a single thing on cashshop items. And yet havent been banned. And I never heard a GM say something about trading item mall items for gold is …