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A Meal on the TableQuest given by Armen the Guide Quest: Eat breakast and go to work. BONUS: Ask boss for raise! Rewards: 500xp, Dinner, 50 Gold


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  • There's nothing wrong with the graphics, imo. They're not badly done, they're just stylized. WoW has redone their graphics a lot from launch and are continuing to do so with their player model updates next expansion.  Not to say that stylized or ca…
  • To me, GW1 will always outdo GW2. Nostalgia aside, I feel it was just treated more lovingly while being made. Guild Wars 2 has the same fantastic atmosphere and they did a very good job of making me feel it was the same world, but for whatever reaso…
  • Personally, I play the game to relax. Call me a casual, I am. I pay the 15/mo because I enjoy it as it is; relaxing. That being said, I really enjoy the flying. There are so few games that do flying as smoothly as WoW. Vangaurd's flying wasn't that …
  • Depends on my mood!  I really enjoy stylized when I am feeling stressed. It's easier to relax with because it looks nothing like the real world. On the other hand, when I'm feeling like I can delve deeper into a game and perhaps able to concentrate …
  • Sure have. After the first two months of playing, getting to 80, doing map completion, I thought... isn't there anything else to do?  Nope, there wasn't... at the time! I just got back into it after a good 9 or 10 month break. It's actually change…
  •   Races: Kelari - Rift Sylvari - GW2 Castanic - TERA Arisen - Allods   Classes:  Ritualist - GW1 Mesmer - GW1 (and 2) "Bard" calling - Rift (Cadence is so satisfying for some reason)  
  • I love the look it has! The graphics are smooth and stylized, which completely compliments the sci fi-ish setting it's in. I actually prefer the cartoon style over super ultra realistic, but that's just my opinion. Can't please everyone all the time…
  • I enjoyed it so far. Not every game suits everyone's fancy, and I wouldn't call this a game I would play "full time", but it's definitely a nice change from other f2p mmos.  Even if it's not as good combat as GW2, etc.... it's still a step in a bett…
  • I enjoyed the beta... and no, I didn't prepurchase for the beta. I did it so I could put it out of my mind and wouldn't have to buy it later Beta event was just a perk
  • I realize this is an old post, but I just wanted to thank you for the link.
  • Originally posted by farfanugon  Sure with luck you can make 1 without cash shop . its about the same chance you have crafting a gold bar wot out cash shop Nah, man. Just gotta do Henrys and sometimes he will give you items for it. Pretty easy …
  • Uprising of people being hacked in this game, including myself. It's a solid game, the UI is great, but there's a significant lack of conent. And I find myself not wanting to pick up where I left off since the hack.
  • Originally posted by sidhaethe It's funny that the cynics think anyone is saying anything other than agreeing with the article title that GW2 will kick combat up A NOTCH. Fan: "I'm excited and think GW2 combat will be different because I've …
  • Female gamer here... and yeaaahhh... Kinda hate having to play as a dude.  But if the game is really amazing, I will suck it up lol.