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  • The dungeons look great so far. but with no proper reward there's no point in doing them more than once imo. Maybe another run on explore mode. Which is like "hard" mode from other games.
  • Originally posted by Thorbrand Well the Hype meter on this site means nothing anymore. I will wait until a week after release, read the forums, than decide if I want to waste my money on it. GW1 in my book sucked! Yeah man. This will be my …
  • b2pp model is good but retention is a must too. if most players quit because there are lack of contents and "carrot." Then they will leave with a bad impression. And probably will not buy the future expansions. Same happend with GW1. GW vanila sold …
  • Calm down guys lol. I get it you are excited but let's wait and see how GW2 doing 2 months post-release before making a thread like this hahaha.
  • TC have you played GW2 yet? Also by your post i am judging you have played the game and have a max level character already. So i am lvl 80 what do i do now? just grind WvWvW and BGs with no hope for a new gear?
  • Yeah sure, I will try it out.
  • Because the first game was probably the worst online game i have ever played. What a joke of a game that was. I remember playing it in 05 when it came out for about a couple of weeks. got to 20 and then there was nothing to do. I will try this one t…
  • Our guild Chronicle (juyo) doing very well right now. 16 man NM KP cleared, 16 man EV on Soa (NM). we have around 10 battemaseters too (including myself). Already made up our 8 man team for the upcoming ranked warzones.
  • Originally posted by BadSpock Originally posted by Yamota I read on another MMO news site that GW 2 will support consoles... for me that is definetely bad news because we all know what happened when games like DCU also targetted consoles. It …
  • Juyo is always packed and its standard most of the times. Theres usually 100-170 people anytime on the fleet unless its 3 AM at night. Our server has a very active community. We have 5 guilds competiing for PvE progression, active AH, people are alw…
  • Originally posted by Kingzaini FFXI is PS2, XBOX 360 and PC all on same servers. And it worked quite well. No really i am serious it did work well. I don't see GW2 going console an issue. If anything it might bring in more players.
  • Originally posted by Chilliesauce Originally posted by Lord.Bachus Originally posted by Chilliesauce I don't want to state the obvious but consoles is where the real money is. GW2 is already B2P so i have no problems if ANET wants t…
  • Synthweaving, Armormech and Armstech are about to get very popular. Since you can craft critted orange gear they will turn out to be the best armors in the game. Get your epic (PvE or PvP ones) Take everything out (patch 1.2 allows transfers of  ent…
  • Gaou once again i thank you for sharing this with the SWTOR community
  • I can't help but laugh by looking at the poll reasults lol. Just curious how many here played GW2 for 1 second or more?
  • Originally posted by DannyGlover Gw2 isnt being made to retain players. You can pick up where you left off at anytime and remain competitive. You can ay this alongside other mmos. The devs have said it themselves. Of course if you want to stay in th…
  • Originally posted by fadis 10 million subs in 2012 aren't the same as 10 million in 2008. wait what? on what other MMO 10 million people willing to pay money every month? As for China (not Korea or Japan) you have to buy game cards that can be …
  • Originally posted by Jubba gratz on the 9.5 mil gold farmers blizz! keep up the good work! Nice!
  • Originally posted by SuperXero89 Originally posted by eyelolled Originally posted by Guileplayer Originally posted by SuperXero89 ...Rolling alts and doing who knows what other menial tasks which have kept the 2,000 people still playing …
  • Originally posted by eyelolled Originally posted by Guileplayer Originally posted by SuperXero89 ...Rolling alts and doing who knows what other menial tasks which have kept the 2,000 people still playing Guild Wars for all these years when th…