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  • Pick RIFT if you want an experience close to WoW, but still incredibly polished and with a hyper-active dev team.  It has some established end-game and an expansion is about to release.   TSW is a little different, but it won't be anything strange…
  • Global Agenda isn't an FPS, but it's got jetpacks and it's made by the same company.  Unfortunately, the game's pretty much dead these days.  They plan on making a GA2, though.   Team Fortress 2 isn't an MMO and doesn't have jetpacks, but it has s…
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown is in the same vein and isn't entirely horrible.
  • Yeah, Grind of the New World 2.   I like the concept, and can't wait for another game that takes the concept but actually makes a good game from it.
  • Honestly, hipsters who hate on people hating hipsters that hate people that might be hipsters that hate people.. are too mainstream, so yeah.   Thread's shit, GG.
  • Originally posted by Deathenger Saying eve is pay-2-win because of plex is just ridicules and you cant possibly be serious. Money cant buy skills champ, lol   But if you don't pay, you can't play EVE (disregarding PLEX).   If you can't pla…
  • GW1 monk, using a prot prayer build.   I would say the GW1 mesmer, but after the mesmer update, some drama queen that mained mesmer exploded on the wiki page, which made playing a mesmer after that completely embarrasing. 
  • Yes.   Expansions are pay to win because you can't win the expansion without buying it.   Buying a game is pay to win.  You can't win the game without buying it, right?  You dirty pirate, you   Life is pay to win because you need to buy food t…
  • When we talk about the MMORPG.com hipsters, there's a fine line between 'difficulty' and 'inconvenience'. Many people on this wonderful site believe that a difficult game should have an unfriendly user interface, where a feature that provides conven…
  • There's this racing MMO called Drift City.  Not sure how good it is, but it's F2P and supports some form of clans called 'crews'.
  • I would have said Vanguard right off the bat.   After the F2P conversion though, Vanguard didn't seem to get as many players back in as I'd hoped, and it's still very buggy.  Add to that the state of the dev team (which still seems like a joke) an…
  • You said you were finished with WoW, but WoW's LFR raid difficulty sounds like it would be a great fit for your playstyle.  It's much more forgiving than normal mode raids (many mechanics are tuned for lightly-organized groups), and each raid is spl…
  • RaiderZ is pretty similar to TERA.   Now, you mentioned Dragon Nest.  If you liked Dragon Nest, then maybe you'll like Vindictus (or even Dungeon Fighter Online).  Both Nexon games, so you know what to expect from playing Dragon Nest, and they bot…
  • No offense, but in the time you took to type up that OP, you could have been at least applying to a good gaming community that meets your age group and interests.   Use Google, official game forums, unofficial game forums, and Vent/TS/Mumble/whate…
  • MMORPGs?  Too mainstream.   Full loot sandbox PVP MMORPGs?  Too mainstream.   MMORPG.com?  Yep, too mainstream as well.   I'm so hipster that real life hipsters and MMORPG.com hipsters are too mainstream for me.   Oh yeah, and I'm so cool an…
  • If you don't like it, there should be a way to unsubscribe from the mailing list.
  • Join a group that does the same things you like doing.   Finding a community isn't stressful or time consuming.  Do research.
  • Originally posted by Zzad I lol´ed !! Reminds me of another hack in WoW where gold sellers would write down on Orgrimmar´s floor their web adress with NPCs corpses!!   I prefer this method.
  • They both have merits, even though both games are bad.   If you want something that closely mirrors D2, then TL2 is probably your game.  The problem is that it not only mirrors the good, but also the bad of D2.  D2 was a pretty bad game (if you ac…
  • OP, please read the PM I sent you. If any of you have adblock but need assistance, PM me. I can fix certain things that might be bothering you if you run adblock on this site.   On the background images: PM me.