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  • I cannot deny the similarities that Allods has with World of Warcraft. However, I was very surprised that the game did not follow with a cinematic opening. Once you create your character (belonging to either the League or the Imperial side) you are …
  • The heart of Ultima Online is interaction with other human players and there are always plenty of players online - perhaps too many. The wilderness is full of players tromping around looking for something, anything, to kill. Monster respawning locat…
  • Ghost Online is definately a nice (fast) change of pace from some of the other MMORPGs roaming the internet today, and I definately recomend this to anyone who finds the grind of other MMOs slow, or have nothing left to do, leaving a bored "What to …
  • This is actually a very cutesy type of MMORPG. I like cute things, so I personally don’t mind at all. I enjoy the graphics, and the sound is a bit too repetitive. However, it’s still nice. The monster killing is a little bit repetitive and annoying …
  • Valkyrie Sky is a remake of the classic shooter for the MMO world. If you like classic arcade games, Valkyrie Sky is probably a good game for you. Unfortunately, the pointless stamina system is there for pure annoyance and forces players to take up …
  • As of now no.. ArchLord can be summed up with two words: "dull" and "repetitive." Unfortunately, this game doesn't have anything to offer massively multiplayer veterans, and if you've been playing these games for a while, there's a good chance you…
  •  this game can be costly to play. If you don't do the "item-mall" it is fine. I mean it is fine if you don't mind spending a year creating a character, and then it get's hacked and the support team tells you there is nothing they can do to help you.…
    in Cute. Comment by Aizonesbriba March 2011
  • What makes me relax honestly is to sleep or watching movies on my laptop or just checking out the newsfeed ony my facebook. :S
  • Sucker Punch is a masterpiece of subversion. The culture is not being subverted, however; it's the expectations of the audience. Every time the protagonist is about to "dance", the film shifts into "fanboy fetishism"...but what doesn't it do? We nev…
  • I don't know why do we need to discuss tthis.. kinda freaky for me.. but of course I chose to die on painless >.<