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  • In case you are misinformed; personal housing will not be in this patch, only FC housing.
  • Just another reason I think I am done with MMO's....no journey to end game, no reason to explore, no reason to do anything while leveling besides leveling, and just another game where a gnome can take a hit like an ogre.... All WoW had was racial s…
  • Originally posted by kabitoshin what you described about older games OP, sounds terrible, noone wants that. I do, this new type of gameplay bores me....this is WoW....im sorry but it is, if I wanted to play WoW I would re-subscribe....but unfortun…
  • Not working for me, cant connect to anything and get lobby error which kicks me off the start menu
  • I am praying this game isn't an instance fest, I was going to play FF14 but will not because im not subbing to a 5 player game. I miss the old school MMO days and need a non-instanced AAA game
  • Quite a number of recent MMO's had no problems at launch, I for one am glad this happened since I paid 90 bucks 3 years ago for a POS that couldn't be called a game and I don't even get early access for it.
  • I laugh when I read that these games are done better and all this jazz, this is WoW....it follows the same exact formula as WoW and will not kill it because it will keep a small sub base like every other copycat. Quest hub to quest hub, instanced d…
  • Originally posted by nerovipus32 Wow didn't have any pvp systems at release, it was just flag yourself and kill the enemy. Wow is a more streamlined casual version of EQ but it's still heavily influenced by it. So if you can call games like warhamme…
  • Learning this might have killed the game for me, tired of everything being handed to everyone...nothing sets apart the top from the bottom besides time.  If I wanted to play WoW I would play WoW.  Here is to hoping EQNext doesn't change their model …
  • People blow everything way out of proportion.....I honestly refuse to play any of my DS games online because everybody cheats.  I have not played any game online that people did not exploit/cheat in some shape or form. Now, I understand coding is …
  • Simplest answer is because those don't make the big bucks....games like that aim for 1 server capped out and thats it....because thats profit for them....big companies aim for multiple servers
  • Originally posted by Axeion 3 of my guildies will play on that server once a week.But im gona pass. i still play eq1 now an going backward doesnt seem as fun. Specialy when a server hits god/oow eras they fall apart seems.Those two expansions almost…
  • Im not sure how I fair(didnt read every post) but im sure its up there.....during middle school summer vacation I played UO for 60 hours straight only taking breaks to grab more mountain dew and use the bathroom....id assume i ate but I doubt it was…
  • You have to get invited again, but if you were invited before you will most likely get one....theres no application to fill out again.
    in 2/4/11 Comment by sumnayin February 2011
  • Just resceived mine as well....just upset im still waiting on my VIP code so I can do the headstart when the 24th comes
    in 2/4/11 Comment by sumnayin February 2011