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Playing Fallen Earth.


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  • If you are indeed who you say you are then I doubt you would be hired back considering how many NDA and contract violations you have admitted to committing. Get no sympathy from me your lucky if all you loose is 250, and I cant really see believing …
  • I can't wait to check out the skybuilders system. Oh the things you could come up with or imaging luring your enemy onto a structure and then removing it. Or purposely destroy it so they fall.
  • I'm definitely looking forward to this one. Especially the sandbox aspects.
  • Originally posted by Kyleran You should be worried, MMORPG's cost money to make, and when a company starts begging for chump change on Kickstarter it's probably a red flag in terms of predicting the game's long term success.  Actually they have bee…
  • Email's like this are common f, I recieve one every couple weeks and I havent played in months either. 100% of the time its a phishing email. If you hover your mouse over the links they provide most likly it leads to a totally different site or a si…
  • I knew the name sounded familiar, Wiz and crew are the same ones that used to run winter's roar back in the day. Very interested in seeing how this game turns out.
  • There is a big difference between instanced AoC and full blown open world. But that argument aside, I've have a ton of issues running AoC on my machine yet this game runs flawlessly barring the occasional server hickup. To be back on topic though, …
  • Interesting my log book is opposite, full of harvest this or craft that hmm. Oh and ones where I have to go get a item for someone or take it to someone.
  • You will want to go ranged at higher levels, and melee at low levels due to ammo consumption. What I have done is mainly spend my points if I spend them at all in attributes and armour use, saving as much ap as I can for higher levesl when I go rang…
  • Oh those are cool, I remember running into one of them near one of the noobie towns during beta.
  • Totally agree, 100% the buyers fault. Without customers a business dies. Theres only so much money and so many man hours that a company can spend on trying to battle these spammers and still make enough of a profit to make the investors happy.
  • Its a complete upgrade of the whole thing. Personally I dont like the new look, would have rathered they used the older assets.
  • You know if you had been specific about what exactly YOU didnt like about the game, we wouldnt have bee nas harsh about your post. To be honest though the issues you have are either personal preference or inability to hit keys fast enough. I have be…
  • Originally posted by cfurlin Originally posted by kallista i don't think people who enjoy combat will find this game interesting. if you're looking for combat, pve or otherwise, i suggest other games.   i mean, there are mobs, and bosses, dungeons, …
  • That's pretty much it. Theres a couple like UO or SWG that allow you to place houses almost anywhere, but not totally free like Wurm.
  • Im wondering if hes just confused. When your game account time has ended it says suspended, and if hes using eq2players as reference then he's betting on a system that still has bugs to this day. Its not always accurate. Dont know why he would waste…
  • Last time checked Aion didnt have seige weapons and destructable walls and doors like doac does. Not saying Aion is bad, its just not the same as doac.
  • Dreamlords and Saga, Not sure if theres others. Im sure there is though.
  • Ya pretty much you can get to 20 no problem soloing, after that it becomes very very tough and slow. Not to mention you will need a group in order to finish the sub class quest, If I remember right it caps at 25 so even if yougrind to 30 your deleve…