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Live long gamer gal. Started with nintendo, now currently waiting for SWTOR!


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  • The worst aspect of this game was items really felt like they had no meaning. I camped and camped for the best item drops, then found the market flooded with the same ones. They should of slightly adjusted the stats of each epic weapon....i duno but…
  • I tried eve, not sure if it's hard, got confused by everything I just gave up lol. More like a steep learning curve, or i'm just retarted. Wasnt so into it anyhow, more into the rpgs. Though Eve must be doing good, every 2nd website i go to has the …
  • PVP looks pretty fun. I hope theres no auto aim in pvp that always takes the fun out of it. If you have to be at least facing your opponent then thats fun. Or being able to hide behind objects ect.
  • GL getting keys.
  • This thread is crrrraaaazy! lol
  • Yeah i was pretty peeved not long ago when I was excited to see this game at walmart so I picked it up! Then of course I find out it's been shut down...couldnt even get a real refund, had to get a prepaid card!...after i told them the game was toast…
  • swtor I think will be a big hit, needs some work though, i think rift is the one!
  • Well maybe i'm completly alone in this idea then. Though there hasn't been an mmo since eq that has satisfied me since eq did.  I like to be challenged and like to be forced to play smart.  So I could play all day, not make a level, not obtain anyth…
  • I agree, all the latest games now click and your there, sure it's great for the casual gamer.  I remember older mmo's like AO how massive it was it could take half a day of walking to get somewhere. However it was an adventure, worried if your gonna…
  • I find it rewarding when you can accomplish a lot just in solo play.  When I think back to the older mmo's like EQ and AO those were some of the fondest memories wondering off in the middle of nowhere getting into trouble.  There was a high sense of…
  • I as tempted to come back as well for the new expansion.  The game looked so amazing with dx 11 I just ran around making vids for the whole weekend. Though it just wasnt rewarding to play anymore really unfortunate was fun while it lasted!
  • I really hope the leveling is slow.  I've never understood why people hate grinding, theres a sense of accomplishment when you can out.  Seem's like now everyones in a hurry to get to end game, guess i'm too oldschool from the old EQ when it was tou…