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  • Originally posted by DMKano I get an occasional DC here and there - usually in arenas (Liro) - rarely does it happen in open world. But I put in about 4 hours yesterday - zero disconnects - it was mostly open world - 2 warmaster fights and about 4…
  • It was mentioned somewhere that since it went f2p on Steam, the number of new players crowding arkfalls and events caused it to bomb out due to load. It's a fair point, but considering how many people use Steam these days, you would think that they…
  • I'm enjoying Defiance at the moment, but it has to be said, as a new player the tutorial sucks. My advice is go to the official forum and do a bit of research. As an example, I found out the hard way that you could only have one mission at a time.…
  • The problem with this type of game is that they leave the players to police themselves.  In general, that means the asshats will invariably get away with ganking the crap out of anyone weaker than themselves... repeatedly. Open world pvp with full …
  • Well whatever the case, they had better clean it up and give it a bit of polish as it is being released on Steam.
  • Originally posted by syriinx I have a deep hatred for the concept of tailoring your abilities to fit the situation as opposed to making the most of your abilities to overcome the situation.  So for me, the class system is a fail.  In Rift you are ex…
  • Nope, no more energy needed for the lifts. Now its just a mind numbing grinder that is rigged/biased towards the cash shop.
  • A last gasp of a game that can't admit its greed suicided it years ago. They would have done better if they re-launched it on Steam.  The roadmap is a waste of time because there is no community left and those that have moved on won't come back to…
    in F2P -> P2P Comment by B1mble August 2013
  • I would go with Mount and Blade Warband with either cRPG mod or Nord Invasion (If you want a permanent toon).  Large battles, castle sieges etc etc.  Plus if you want real PvP turn auto block off :P
    in Should I? Comment by B1mble June 2013
  • Originally posted by xpiher Originally posted by B1mble Originally posted by Kshahdoo   Originally posted by B1mble           You dont need formal rules in a sand box to get what you want. As f…
  • Originally posted by Kshahdoo   Originally posted by B1mble Sounds to me like they constructed all that was necessary for mass battles and sieges but gave little though to any kind of political structure or social law to give it direction. …
  • Sounds to me like they constructed all that was necessary for mass battles and sieges but gave little though to any kind of political structure or social law to give it direction.  
  • Probably one of the better reasons to stay away from this game.
  • I suspect that they will lose players more to their nonexistent customer relations and crappy attitude than to the state of the game. People will tolerate quite a lot if the devs give them faith in the future of the project and interact well with p…
  • Originally posted by DAS1337 ...Snip... If you seriously want a game that actually deserves the 'RPG' then you are looking in the wrong place. I would suggest that you get a set of dice and a RPG that is in book form and learn the rules.  Invite …
  • Originally posted by timtrack Why do so many think that negative feedback, or any kind of feedback, has to be given on public forums for everyone to read? No company in the world would want that, and most would hunt you down. They want feedback in …
  • It isn't Steam doing the deleting. Apparently  Aventurine is in charge of how the forum is run and it is moderated by them.  As far as I am aware Steam has nothing to do with it apart from providing the section on their site.
  • Only 2 replies?  I think you have confused them lol XD.
  • Originally posted by Seelinnikoi I think the most important question is, how can these companies crap out MMO's like water from the tap?   How the hell do they maintain all of those? I would guess that they have a base engine onto which the t…
  • Originally posted by birdycephon Originally posted by B1mble Apparently the less clothing worn the higher the armour level :P Seriously, are they advertising a game or a pr0n mag XD I'll put a fiver on  the player base being between 13 and …